Surgeons In China Removed This 28lb (13kg) Lump From A Man's Intestines

Surgeons In China Removed This 28lb (13kg) Lump From A Man’s Intestines

Humanity has come a long way in the field of medicine. Even though there’s more road to be covered in this never ending field, we have achieved a lot. It is estimated that there are 30,000 human diseases known to man and around three quarters of them have no effective treatments available. Every now and then, doctors and others in the field of medicine, are faced with something new. Such a challenge was faced by doctors at the 10th People’s Hospital of Shanghai, in East China, when a man with a rare condition affecting his intestines was brought in. Before you proceed, please understand that we are going to be talking about intestines and constipation. So, if you are in the middle of eating something, make sure you put it down.

WARNING: The story and pictures included in the article may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

The incident occurred in China, with a 22-year-old man who was born with a rare condition known as Hirschsprung’s disease.

The unnamed man was born with a rare intestinal disorder characterized by the absence of nerves in parts of the intestine.

Chinese man had a 13 kg lump removed from his intestines
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The condition occurs when the enteric nerves in the intestine do not form properly during the embryonic development. Although this case is identified during the first two months after birth, some cases are not recognized until later. Enteric nerves are the reason behind muscle contractions that moves stool through the intestines. Without these nerves, the waste materials cannot be pushed through, causing severe pain and constipation.

Almost everyone has suffered from constipation, and those who have know that it’s not a pleasant feeling. Even though most of us have suffered this horrible feeling, a man from China has had it much worse.

The 22-year-old man from China lacked the enteric nerves in his colon.

Enteric nervous system inside intestines
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Since the man lacked the nervous system essential for passing stool through his body, his abdomen began to bulge at a very young age. The growth affected him and his life in a negative way, as people began to think that he was heavily pregnant. In order for him to perform any bowel movements, he had to rely on laxatives and other constipation medicines.

Doctor Yin Lu and his team of experts at the 10th People’s Hospital of Shanghai were stunned when they saw the size of the man’s abdomen.

The unnamed man relied most of his life on laxatives and other constipation medicines, but nevertheless, the pain was too much to endure forever. Dr Yin Lu and his team decided that the only way to relieve him of his pain was to remove the lump. The highly uncommon procedure removed 30 inches of a man’s large intestines

If you were wondering how the removed lump looked like, here is Dr Yin Lu holding it after being removed:

Man's intestines
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While examining the man, Dr. Lu determined that he had astonishing amounts of faeces trapped in a section of his colon. Concerned for the young man’s life, the doctor determined that he would need an emergency surgery. After a a three-hour long procedure, the doctor and his team removed 30 inches of his intestines.

Dr Yin Lu was stunned by the size of the lump and added that it could have exploded any moment. If the man had not sought the courage to seek help from professionals, the bizarre condition could have cost him his life. After the lump was removed, the doctors had to stitch the intestine closed at either ends to prevent stool from falling out.

The man's intestine
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The bloated chunk of gut weighed an astonishing 13 kg (28 lbs). According to Dr Lu, the patient was stable following the surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

Source: Mirror, Sun.

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