10 Top Secret Places Google Earth Doesn't Want Us To See

10 Top Secret Places Google Earth Doesn’t Want Us To See

Google Earth is a virtual globe. With just a few clicks, we can virtually be anywhere in the world. Created by the web giant Google, the map and geographical information program offers satellite imagery, street view, maps, directions, and overhead views of nearly everywhere on earth. However, hidden away in the far reaches of Google Earth are places that to you and us are simple blocks of pixelated color, there are no hills, lakes, or forests. The reason? They’ve been censored. The governments may have their reasons, both legal and illegal, to hide sensitive data; but why would Google Earth blotch out or Photoshop real physical landscapes. Here are 10 places that have been deliberately hidden on Google Earth.

1. Keowee Dam, South Carolina

Keowee Dam, South Carolina
Photo: Google Earth

The dam, which helps run a power utility on the East coast of the US, is not visible on Google Earth. helps run the three-reactor Oconee nuclear complex producing enough electricity to power 1.9 million homes. In the event of dam failure, Oconee’s 5-feet floodwall could be swamped by more than 16 feet of water. For some unknown reasons, the area cannot be viewed through Google Earth.

2. Volkel Air Base, The Netherlands

Volkel Air Base, The Netherlands
Photo: Google Earth

The Volkel Air Base is a military airbase used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Since the area is one of the European sites hosting a U.S. nuclear weapon repository, the airbase is pixilated by Google. Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers explains that the base bunkers hold 22 U.S. nuclear bombs, each with a yield four times that of the bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

3. Baker Lake, Nunavut

Baker Lake, Nunavut, google Earth
Photo: Google Earth

This zoomed-in screenshot shows a location in the Inuit nation of northern Canada, which, according to Dr Richard Boylan, shows a blacked out area hiding the location of an extraterrestrial beacon. Dr. Boylan states that the purpose of these beacons are to facilitate navigation and position-finding across the galaxy. Snowy locations are best for these Beacons, since it allows them to exert powerful electromagnetic field to disrupt the Earth’s grids.

4. Pacific Northwest, USA

Pacific Northwest, USA
Photo: Google Earth

The site on the map is close to the Washington-Oregon border and is rumoured to be in coordination with FEMA and HAARP. The question is, what exactly are we seeing here? or what are we not seeing? HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is one of the most controversial operations currently active in the United States, and subject to numerous conspiracy theories. Although the evidence is minimal, the project has been blamed for triggering floods, droughts, major power outages and earthquakes in Iran.

5. Unknown Russian Site Near the Siberian Tundra

Unknown Russian Site Near the Siberian Tundra
Photo: Google Earth

This big, dusty mass of nothing could be hiding missile interceptors, a radar station, or maybe even Putin’s personal stash of vodka. The site is amongst the Siberian tundra and the closest city is Egvekinot, Russia; neighbour to Alaska across the Bering Strait. Could this hidden tundra have anything to do with Russia’s secret cities?

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