15 Real Life Revenge Stories Of People Who Took It To A Whole New Level

15 Real Life Revenge Stories Of People Who Took It To A Whole New Level

As the old proverb goes, “revenge is a dish best served cold”. Revenge is an emotion that lives inside all of us. When we are betrayed or hurt by someone or something, we sometimes feel the need to return the pain in order to make us feel better. There are people around the world who are good at controlling this destructive emotion and turning it into something positive. But not me, since I follow Newton’s third law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Though I am never capable of anything like these 15 people, who filled their hearts with the wrath and rage inside. Here are real-life stories of people who scratched their itch of injustice like a giant flaming ax made out of vengeance.

1. George Lucas and his angry wealthy neighbors.

George Lucas and the dark side
Wikimedia 1, 2

George Lucas, the famous iconic director of the Star Wars films does not require an introduction. After the first Star Wars movie was released, Lucas decided to take a break from the rush of Hollywood. His plan was to move his production company from Hollywood to Marin, CA. Marin is one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. Lucas was interested in the privacy and exclusivity of the area, which would allow him to focus on his work. The area was filled with wealthy people but Lucas had no interest in them. After spending millions building his production company, the wealthy community of Marin came out opposing his idea.

They were concerned that his company would create too many jobs and attract low income residents from around the country. The residents worried that this would severely affect their status, since the county was filled with rich people. Lucas was disappointed with the incident and released a statement that stated, “Lucasfilm will build instead in a place that sees us as a creative asset, not as an evil empire”. Before shifting his production company, Lucas made one more move. He sold his property to a developer that would create low-income housing. This angered the Marin residents even further since it would attract gangs, drug dealers and people below poverty level. The residents should have never provoked his DARK SIDE.

2. A man finds 101 ingenious ways to use his ex-wife’s wedding dress she abandoned.

Man finds 101-ways to use ex-wife's wedding dress
Image Source: dailymail

In 2009, Kevin Cotter was devastated when his wife of 12 years decided to end their marriage. When his wife walked out of his life, she took everything but her wedding gown and told him to do whatever he wanted with it. After four years of thinking, Cotter finally came up with some of the most ingenious methods to utilize the gown. He filled his personal blogs with pictures; such as using the gown as a hammock, superhero cape, a makeshift Slip’N’Slide and so on. The success of his blog prompted him to write a book including the ideas. Cotter managed to turn his life around from the incident with a sweet revenge.

3. United Airlines broke a man’s guitar and ignored him for months. He went on to make a song about it that cost them millions.

United breaks guitars
Image Source: Screengrab/YouTube

Musician Dave Carroll was doing a week-long tour of Nebraska by flying United Airlines from Halifax to Omaha. After boarding the flight, Dave heard the woman sitting behind him exclaim, “My God, they’re throwing guitars out there.” She was unaware that the people sitting in front of her were musicians and it was their instruments that were being thrown around. When Dave informed the flight attendant, she waved the incident off and ignored his requests. After arriving at his destination, Dave was sound checking his guitar, when he noticed that the base was completely smashed.

For nine months, Dave tried to contact the airlines in hopes of a settlement but they kept ignoring his requests. After being frustrated with the staff routing his calls and putting him on hold, Dave created a hilarious music video called “United Breaks Guitars” and uploaded it on YouTube to be downloaded for free. Within days, the video went viral and the company’s stock price dropped by around 10%. The airlines could have settled the incident for a mere $3,000 while the constant ignorance cost them $180 million dollars in losses.

4. The royal revenge.

Jai Singh Maharaja India
Image Source 1, 2

Before the First World War, around 20,000 Rolls Royce were built and 20% of them were shipped to India. This was because the Indian Maharajas (great ruler) only used royal cars to travel. Each Maharaja had about three to five Rolls Royces, while there were around 230 Maharajas within India. Jai Singh, the Maharaja of Alwar, visited London in 1920. He was walking through the streets when he noticed a Rolls Royce showroom. The great ruler was dressed humbly and so when a British salesman saw him entering the showroom, he assumed him to be a normal Indian man. Since Indians were considered lower class and ignored by the British at the time, the salesman decided to ignore the Maharaja.

The great ruler was annoyed by the treatment he had received and so he rushed out of the showroom. Upon returning to his hotel room, he ordered his men to have an official visit to the showroom in red carpet. The Maharaja then informed the showroom manager that he would buy their entire stock if the salesman would accompany them to India. Not too long after that, a fleet of seven cars along with the salesman were sent to arrive in India. The Maharaja then ordered the royal cars to be used to collect trash around the city. Word spread throughout the world that the royal cars were being used to collect trash and Rolls Royce started getting nervous. They formally apologized to the ruler and informed him of the lesson they had learned. Jai Singh was satisfied with the apology and ordered all the cars to be withdrawn from the garbage collection service.

5. Revenge of the computer geek.

Mark Bao computer genius
YouTube/Josh Hallett

Mark Bao was born a genius. Since elementary school, he has been coding and fixing computers. The computer software engineer turned into a detective in 2011, when the 18-year-old’s MacBook Air was stolen. A thief broke into his dorm and stole his beloved laptop. The computer geek turned on his detective mode and remotely accessed his laptop’s hard drive, where he was able to access a video recorded by the perpetrator. The not-so-smart thief recorded himself dancing to Tyga’s Make it Rain. Bao remotely downloaded the video and uploaded it to YouTube. He then looked up his browser history and was able to retrieve details of the thief’s Facebook account. The young detective had all the evidence he needed to catch the perpetrator.

Bao approached the police with his findings and soon enough, the thief returned his laptop as well as a sincere apology through Facebook. Hope the thief learned his lesson.

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