10 Creepy And Mysterious Photos No One Can Explain

10 Creepy And Mysterious Photos No One Can Explain

When it comes to mysteries, photographs are usually pretty helpful in solving them. But when the photos themselves are mysteries, it makes us come up with our own assumptions or theories of how, what or when something happened. Throughout history, several photographs exists that are yet to be explained. Maybe in the future, with the proper technology and research, we will be able to solve them. Until we can get the actual explanations behind them, we can only assume and enjoy the mysteries. Here, we are bringing you 10 such photos that have experts completely baffled, leaving them with no definitive explanation. Read on to find out about these pictures and the conspiracies surrounding them.

1. Curiosity Rover and the mysterious light on Mars.

Photos captured by Curiosity Rover shows strange light on Mars
Image Source: NASA/dailymail

Located 33.9 million miles (54.6 million kilometers) away from Earth, the Red Planet has always been an interest of mankind. Scientists consider the planet to be a world full of potential and in order to study about the planet, NASA launched the Curiosity Rover. On August 6, 2012, the Rover landed on Mars and has been transmitting vital information back to Earth ever since. In 2014, the Curiosity Rover captured a photo of Mars that was unusual than the rest of the transmitted images.

The photo captured in 2014 shows a strange ‘glow’ in the deserted planet. When UFO blogger Scott Waring got a hint of this, he immediately claimed that there were intelligent creatures living underground and the glow was in fact one of them. However, NASA has denied the claims and concluded that the glow is nothing more than a simple trick of the light. According to the Rover science team, the glow could have been a glint from a rock surface reflecting the sun. (source)

2. Denise Russell and the mysterious photograph of her grandparents.

Grandpa ghost photo
Image Source: twitter

Denise Russell captured this photo of her grandmother on August 17, 1997. Her grandma, who was 94-years-old, had to be placed in a nursing home because her mind was starting to deteriorate. In August of 1997, the Russell family went out for a picnic and took their grandmother with them. There, Denise snapped this photo of her grandmother, who sadly passed away in April of 2000. It wasn’t until December 25, 2000, that Denise noticed the man behind her grandma.

When Denise took a closer look at the picture, she realized that the man resembled her grandfather, who passed away in August of 1984. Although the story is considered to be a coincidence, and the man nothing more than a look-alike, Denise and her family believe that her grandmother’s deceased husband was there watching over her in a difficult time in her life. (source)

3. Pyramids on the dark side of the moon.

Moon pyramid
Image Source: Quora

Apollo 17 was the final mission of the United States’ Apollo lunar landing program. The sixth landing on the moon as well as the images from the voyage were made available to the public. As UFO enthusiasts went through the public archive, they came across an image that stood out from the rest of the collection. Taken by Apollo 17 during the last flight to the moon, the picture is filled with noise and has exposure problems. But what caught the attention of space enthusiasts was the formation or the outline within the image.

The image was captured from the dark side of the moon. Experts analyzed the original image as well as made enhancements to determine the object’s identity. Although they couldn’t determine its identity, some of them claim that it is nothing more than a camera malfunction. (source)

4. Freddie Jackson and the historic ghost photograph.

Freddy Jackson
Image Source: YouTube

Freddie Jackson, a mechanic in the Royal Air Force during World War I, was part of a squadron that served aboard the H.M.S Daedalus. In 1919, an accident involving a propeller claimed his life. Two days after the incident, his squadron assembled for a group photo at his funeral. Although the picture was captured in 1919, it didn’t surface until 1975, when it was made public by Sir Victor Goddard.

That’s when Goddard noticed a man in the background. The man resembled Freddie Jackson but skeptics claimed that it was nothing more than a case of double exposure with the camera. But a closer look at the photo reveals that the man appears to not have a hat on like the rest of the squadron did; eliminating the possibility that it was a camera malfunction. Although, many claimed that Sir Victor Goddard was obsessed with paranormal activities and UFOs, and that the story was nothing more than a publicity stunt. (source)

5. Peter Berthelot and the legend of the White Lady.

Peter Berthelot ghost
Image Source: Peter Berthelot via doubtfulnews

After being sick for months and having to remove her gall bladder, Diane Berthelot wanted to escape the pain. She decided to visit the Worstead village church in Norfolk with her husband and son. The Berthelot’s were alone in the church and as Diane sat down on a pew to pray for her fast recovery and ease in pain, Peter Berthelot and her son David decided to walk around the empty church and capture some photographs. Peter captured an image of Diane, and when she felt better, the family left the church and forgot all about their visit for the next six months.

Six months after the visit, the family developed the images and viewed them. As they were scrolling through the slideshow, one of the images gave them a tingling sensation. The image Peter captured of his wife sitting on the pew and praying, clearly shows a woman wearing a bonnet, sitting on a bench directly behind her. The Berthelot’s approached the church with the image where they were informed of a local legend about a “White Lady”, who was a healer and appeared when there was sickness. (source)

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