10+ Times People Miraculously Avoided The Biggest Disasters

10+ Times People Miraculously Avoided The Biggest Disasters

Have you ever been in a situation that caused you to have flashbacks of your life? A situation where you thought, “this is it”? These people have been through some serious stuff. They survived an ordeal that they thought would be the end of their journey. Maybe they were lucky or maybe it was a mere coincidence that they were saved by something unexpected. Nevertheless, these people managed to survive an ordeal that they thought was their ultimate demise. Here, we have collected 10+ stories of people who miraculously survived by avoiding the biggest disasters.

1. Great-grandfather saved by coins in his breast pocket.

Great-grandfather saved by coins in his breast pocket, lucky to be alive, people, life,
Image credits: Fadawah/reddit

The coins that miraculously saved a man’s life has been passed on from one generation to another. According to the user who shared the story:

“My great-grandfather was shot in the chest by a German soldier during World War 1. Luckily, the coins in his breast pocket absorbed the bullet and saved his life. You could say he didn’t need much money… to survive”

2. A flying bat, an oblivious child and a father with quick reflexes.

A flying bat, oblivious child and dad reflex
Image credits: Christopher Horner/twitter

The incident took place in 2016 during a spring training game in Florida. The near-hit happened on Cunningham and the insane moment was captured by photographer Christopher Horner. The precious moment shows that the only thing blocking the bat from hitting the child is the father’s hand. After the world got a glimpse of the photo, people around the world called the father a hero for his quick reflexes.

3. Boulder nearly wipes out Italian farm house.

Boulder Nearly Takes Out Italian Farm House
Image credits: markpitts/reddit

The photo taken on Jan. 23, 2014, shows a huge boulder after it missed a farm house by less than a meter. The boulder destroyed the barn and stopped in the vineyard in Ronchi di Termeno in Northern Italy. According to reports, the Trebo family living there were inside while the boulder ravaged their barn but were unharmed in the landslide.

4. This is why you should always wiggle the ATM slot before inserting cards.

This is why you should always wiggle the ATM slot before inserting cards.
Image credits: atlas5280/reddit

Criminals are always finding ways to steal our information. The latest trend is ATM card hacking which is done by copying our precious information with the help of devices like this. Before using an ATM, always ensure that there are no misalignments in the slot. A simple wiggle can help you determine this. The user who shared this picture read an awareness post on reddit about ways of credit card thefts. The user commented:

“Thanks Reddit. You saved me from potential credit card theft. Always wiggle the card reader.”

5. Mudslide almost pushes Caltrans truck driver to the Pacific Ocean.

Mudslide almost pushes Caltrans truck driver to the Pacific Ocean
Image credits: BigByrdd/reddit

“There was a mud slide just north of my town and this Caltrans truck driver had a very close call. To the left is the Pacific Ocean.”

6. This is what I call a “close call”.

This is what I call a CLOSE call!
Image credits: nomdeweb/reddit

This was surely a life-changing experience for user nomdeweb who shared his close encounter with nature on reddit.

7. Final Destination?

Final destination
Image credits: Beepis/reddit

Does this remind anyone of the movie, Final Destination? Thankfully, the driver survived the ordeal.

Fun Fact: Movies are full of glass windows and windshields that shatter into tiny pieces, but that almost never happens during a crash. Most windshields are made out of laminated glass, which is made up of two separate glass panes with a layer of clear plastic between them. The middle layer holds the glass together when it breaks, which prevents it from shattering into small pieces during an accident. That minimizes the risk of cuts and other injuries from exposure to broken glass, which is why laminated glass is a standard safety feature in modern cars. The earliest cars used standard window glass instead, but they were replaced with tougher glass after a series of crashes in the early 20th century.

8. Cell phone saved workers leg from chainsaw.

Cell phone saved workers leg from chainsaw.
Image credits: WarlockRock11/reddit

This would have been nerve-wrecking. Can you imagine a running chainsaw coming towards you? Chainsaws have the potential to inflict severe injuries. In 2013, in the United States, lacerations were the primary diagnosis for 81% of the ER visits while 29% of the injuries occurred to the hand or fingers, 18% to the knee, 12.5% to the lower leg or ankle, and 11% to the upper leg.

9. This is why you wear safety glasses.

This is why you wear safety glasses.
Image credits: Coos-Coos/reddit

Today, safety glasses are a must at almost all industrial work-sites. However, people still choose to opt out of it or simply don’t wish to follow the rules until tragedy strikes. Eye injuries in the workplace are extremely common. They are far more common than you may realize. Every day, over 2,000 workers are treated for eye injuries in the United States. That amounts to more than 43 eye injuries per second in just the United States. Men are 81% more likely to encounter an occupational eye injury than women and 70% of all workplace facial injuries involve one or both eyes.

10. Hole in one?

Hole in one?
Image credits: theotherguy1981/reddit

Direct hit while drinking his beer. Close call!

Golf can be deadly, if you don’t use your head. Statistics show that Golf is more dangerous than Rugby. The latest findings by Golfsupport.com shows that 8.6 million sports and recreation related injuries were reported by people aged 5 years and above. The second highest rate of injury was observed in basketball (3.3 per 1,000 persons), followed by American football (3.1 per 1,000 persons), cycling (2.5 per 1,000 persons) and football (2.1 per 1,000 persons).

11. By the skin of his nose.

Ice hockey, Canada, accident
Image credits: dandy36/reddit

According to British Columbia Injury Research and Prevention Unit, Ice Hockey has been ranked third in emergency room visits. When choosing to play the sport, players take a serious risk every time they step on the ice. Between collisions with the ice, the boards and with other players, injuries in Ice Hockey are unsurprisingly prevalent.

12. High tide or close call?

Cruise, ship, travel
Image credits: reddit

Beyond the reports culled from the media by Cruise Ship Deaths, there are an estimated 200 deaths aboard ships each year, according to a 2015 report from The Telegraph. That statistic, based on around 21.7 million annual passengers, puts the odds of dying aboard a cruise ship in a given year at more than 1 in 100,000.

13. Seconds away from being flattened.

Close Call, truck, flip over
Image credits: Mech1432/reddit

Disclaimer: No one was seriously injured. The man in the white F350 hit a blue car that made an illegal U-turn in front of him.

Fact: The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving.

14. Close call on 85 North 90′ up on the Tom Moreland interchange in Atlanta. Directly above 4 lanes of 285 East.

Close Call On 85 North 90' Up On The Tom Moreland Interchange In Atlanta. Directly Above 4 Lanes Of 285 East
Image credits: dannydrak/reddit

Fact: 3 million people are injured every year in car accidents in America. Around 2 million drivers experience permanent injuries every year from car accidents. 40,000 people lose their lives every year due to major accidents while driving. 40% of all deaths caused by car accidents involve alcohol.

15. Definition of a close call.

Big rig falls down but catches itself
Image credits: felix33/reddit

Fact: The risk to construction workers involved in trenching operations on a construction site where they must work in close proximity to heavy machinery, like an excavator, can result in serious injuries and even fatal excavator accidents. Fatal excavator accidents can be the product of inexperienced or careless operators, or defects in the design of the excavator.

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