Joe Metheny: The Gruesome Tale Of A Serial Killer Who Turned His Victims Into Burgers

Joe Metheny: The Gruesome Tale Of A Serial Killer Who Turned His Victims Into Burgers

Throughout history, there have been several serial killers across America who became famous for their sick and twisted crimes. Since the early 1990’s, one man’s lust for blood horrified America and made everyone stand on their toes. Joe ‘The Cannibal’ Metheny was a demented person whose story is far more terrifying than any horror movie you can imagine. Morbidly obese with a thirst for blood, Metheny claimed many lives and turned them into sandwiches and burgers. He has claimed to have taken at least eight lives and fed them to his customers at a BBQ pit stand he owned. Born in 1955, Metheny became one of the most prolific serial killers in America. Here’s the sickening story of a man and his neverending thirst for humans.

WARNING: The article might contain information that may be sensitive to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.

Part I: Joe Metheny started his murder campaign as part of a revenge but ended up as a passion for the taste of blood.

Joe Metheny the cannibal
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Metheny, after his arrest in 1996, confessed to the crimes as well as the motivation behind it. According to him, his decision to start claiming lives was motivated by the actions of his wife; who was a drug addict. His wife, who wasn’t able to control her desire for drugs, neglected their six year old son. Since then, Metheny started claiming lives of innocent people.

The connected murders started in the summer of 1994.

Joe Metheny
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During the summer of 1994, Metheny, who was living in South Baltimore, Maryland at the time, was a truck driver. One night upon returning home, he discovered that his drug addicted wife had taken their son and ran away. Six months after their disappearance, Metheny learned that his ex-wife was with another man and living under a bridge. Their son was taken away by authorities for child neglect and placed in foster care.

“I found out about six months later she had moved on the other side of town with some a*****e that had her out selling her a** for drugs. They got busted for drugs and they took my son away from them for child neglect and child abuse.”

Metheny was outraged after hearing this. He snapped, grabbed an axe, and went in search of the drug addicted couple. Even though he wasn’t able to find them, he found two homeless people who were high on drugs and was with his wife before she left. In a fit of anger, Metheny wielded his axe and killed both men. He chopped them up and left their bodies where he found them.

As quoted by Metheny:

“They were not there. But the two homeless m************ they got high with were down there. They were passed out on some old stinking mattress and that’s where they were when I left, except there were dead from being chopped up.”

He then lured a woman of the streets to the bridge, in order to obtain some information.

Joe Metheny
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Metheny then went on to lure a lady of the evening, in order to get information about his ex-wife. When she explained to him that she had no idea where they had gone, he believed she was lying and went on to claim her life.

In 1955, Metheny lured Kimberly Spicer and Cathy Ann Magaziner, two prostit*tes in South Baltimore, to his trailer. At the time, he was driving a forklift for a company that made wooden pallets. He was also living in a small trailer, not far away from his employer. Metheny, whose lust for blood was only increasing, stabbed and strangled the women. He then went on to dismember their bodies, stored some and disposed the rest under several wooden pallets.

During his confession to authorities, Metheny explained that six months after claiming the lives of the women, he went back in search of the remains. There, he found Cathy Ann Magaziner’s skull, which he retrieved and took back to his trailer.  He then cleaned it and performed sexual acts on it.

Part II: How Metheny became known as “The Cannibal Killer”.

Joe Metheny, Skull
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During the 1995 murders of Cathy Ann Magaziner, 45, and Kimberly Spicer, 26, at his trailer, Metheny had saved parts of their bodies in Tupperware containers and put them in a freezer. Metheny owned a small beef stand in South Baltimore at the time. He used the meat from the women to mix with other animal meat and served it to paying customers. He was quoted saying:

“I opened up a little open-pit beef stand. I had real roast beef and pork sandwiches. They were very good. The human body taste was very similar to pork. If you mix it together no
one can tell the difference.”

In December 1996, when his special meat was running out of supply, he decided to invite another prostit*te, Rita Kemper, to his Baltimore trailer. The 6ft monster then proceeded to attack her as he had planned but things didn’t turn out as he had expected. When Metheny turned his back for a second, Rita Kemper saw a chance to escape from the nightmare. Metheny’s trailer was surrounded by an eight-foot chain link fence with barbwire on top of it and around the front. Kemper managed to scale the stacked pallets that were almost 10 ft high and make it to a gas station.

Joe Metheny
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Kemper, upon reaching the gas station, called the police and informed them about her attacker and his location. Metheny on the other hand, made no effort to flee from his trailer. When authorities arrived, they found Metheny relaxing. They apprehended him, and during interrogation, Metheny confessed to claiming lives to as far back as 1976.

At the court, Metheny confessed to eight crimes; where five of them were committed within a 7 hour period. Even with his confession, authorities were only able to charge him for three of the crimes due to the lack of evidence.

Part III: He was sentenced to death but the decision was overturned in 2000 and he was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Joe Metheny
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Metheny was over six feet tall and weighed around 450 pounds. Even though he confessed to crimes that dated back to 1976, no one is exactly sure when the murder spree initially started. For the heinous crimes he committed, the lunatic monster was handed down a death sentence. But in 2000, the ruling was overturned into a life sentence without the possibility of parole. When informed about his change of sentence, he informed authorities that he enjoyed taking lives and would never apologize to the family of the victims since it would be lying. Whatever the case is, it’s a relief to know that he is locked behind bars forever and can never lay hands on innocent human beings again.

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