Jean Hilliard, Miracle Woman Who Came Back to Life After Freezing Solid For 6 Hours

Wally loaded his friend diagonally into his car and drove to Fosston Municipal Hospital.


Even though Jean showed no signs of life, Wally took a last ditch effort to save his friend. He loaded her in the back of his truck and arrived at Fosston Municipal Hospital by 8 AM. When doctors first saw her, they had no idea how to save her as they were certain that the exposure to severe cold may have caused brain damage.

“We couldn’t take her temperature because there was no place I could put the thermometer.”- Dr. George Sather

Her joints were frozen and doctors had no way of moving her arms or legs. They described it as a stiff log covered with ice. Her eyelids were were frozen too and she was unresponsive to light. Since her skin was too hard, they were not able to pierce any needles through.

A miraculous moment: Jean woke up around 1 PM and asked for a glass of water.


After hearing about her daughter, Jean’s mom rushed to the hospital. There, she held Jean’s arm and kept calling her name. Around 1 PM, Jean started making noises and eventually asked for a glass of water. Neither the doctors or her mom were able to believe the miracle that happened in front of them.

By the end of the day, she was able to move her arms. Three days later, she was capable of moving her legs. The doctors were amazed as no amputations were required. One of the doctors described it as a miracle in medical history. Doctors were concerned and kept her in the I.C.U. for six days to monitor her.

49 days later, Jean left the hospital without losing a single nail.


Doctors argued with her parents that they may have to amputate her legs to save her life, but Jean showed signs of recovery in just a few days. Doctors still can’t explain what happened to her or how she survived after being completely frozen.

Guess there are still many things about our body that we haven’t gained knowledge of.

Source: Snopes.

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