Insane-Looking Deep-Sea Creatures Captured By Russian Fisherman - What In The World Are They? - Mind Blowing Facts

Insane-Looking Deep-Sea Creatures Captured By Russian Fisherman – What In The World Are They?

The ocean is the lifeblood of Earth, and more than 70% of Earth is covered by ocean. It supports all living organisms by regulating temperature, driving weather and plays a huge role in sustaining life on Earth. If we take a look back in history, the ocean has been the vital source of transportation, commerce and growth.

To this day, we have only explored less than 5% of the ocean. That means, there are so many life forms and creatures living under the sea, that we have yet to discover. While most people want to explore outer space and find extra-terrestrial life forms in some distant galaxy, a Russian deep-sea fisherman explores the outer sea. He finds diverse life forms and reminds us of how less we know about our planet and its vast ocean.

Roman Fedortsov, a Russian deep-sea fisherman based in the port of Murmansk, works on a trawler. While working on the icy waters of the Barents Sea, Fedortsov and his crewmates come across a lot of adventures. Every time the crew cast their fishing nets, a unique creature ends up getting caught in it. We shouldn’t be happy about such exquisite creatures being accidentally caught, but it gives us a chance to study them and know that when we are looking for alien-like creatures in space, they are already present here in our own planet.

Fedortsov shares his adventures and collection of unique deep-sea monsters through his Twitter and Instagram pages. Here are some of his collections.

Ghost sharks with glowing green eyes.

This unique fish’s eyes glows green when subjected to light and remains black in darkness. This is in fact a common trait predators living in the depths of the sea adapt, to ensure that their eyes absorb even the smallest amounts of light, instead of reflecting them. It is also used as a camouflage technique to hide themselves from the prey.

Frilled shark – More like a nightmare.

The frilled shark is one of two extant species of sharks which is mainly found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Rarely seen or caught, this creature can capture it’s prey by bending its body and lunging forward like a snake.

Fedorstov wasn’t able to identify this species, but we think it could be a fangtooth.

The black scabbardfish swims upwards at night to catch it’s prey.

This weird looking fish belongs to the family of Macrouridae. They are also known as rattail or grenadier.

Women, don’t think that you are safe from spiders in the middle of the ocean. They are there too!

Морской #паук. Надеюсь не ядовитый:)

A photo posted by roman_fedortsov (@roman_fedortsov) on

It’s not just different species of fish occupying the sea, there are hand-sized sea spiders living beneath the unknown.

Unique starfish with nine arms, looks like a baby octopus.

The deep-sea redfish lives in extreme darkness and hence it’s body adapts the environment.

Light doesn’t travel far down the deep sea. Especially, red wavelengths of light are not powerful enough to penetrate all the way to the depth of the ocean. The deep-sea redfish uses this characteristic to hide itself from the prey as fish with red skin do not reflect any light and appears invisible. This is a perfect example of camouflaging itself to ensure survival.

This creature looks like something from the movie Aliens.

Главное-правильный ракурс). Всякое в трал попадает

A photo posted by roman_fedortsov (@roman_fedortsov) on

This scary looking creature looks like it’s body is completely covered in a black goo. It could be an environmental trait that helps them merge into their surroundings and be undetected.

These puffy looking creatures are unidentified by Ferdortsov, but they surely look like they belong in outer space, than the ocean.

You can find more interesting creatures through his Twitter and Instagram pages.

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