10 of the Most Heavily Guarded Houses and Buildings on Earth

10 of the Most Heavily Guarded Houses and Buildings on Earth

Who doesn’t dream of being rich and famous enough to afford houses that are at the top of their class? While most of us can only dream of such homes, there are some who actually live in them. There’s a saying that states, “fame comes with a price”. This is also true about being rich. Sure, being rich and famous has its fair share of perks, but it also has its disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is the lack of privacy. There will always be people who want to know anything and everything about you and will do whatever they can to get that information.

The only way to protect themselves and their houses from trespassers it to equip them with top notch security systems and guards. Some of the elite class have gone above and beyond to make their homes and buildings so secure that it would seem impossible for anyone to enter without their will. This list contains 10 such houses and buildings that are the most heavily guarded places on Earth.

10. The Zombie Bunker

The Zombie Bunker, houses, house, home, apocalypse, most guarded place on Earth
Image via Imgur

There hasn’t been a zombie apocalypse yet but some people have already prepared themselves, just in case it happens in the near future. You just never know when a mishap could occur in some secret laboratory, causing zombies to start taking over the world. This safe house, known as the Zombie Bunker, was built to ensure security during an outbreak.

The zombie proof house is located in London and is built with solid concrete. The movable walls are located further back and are protected by thick iron sheets. You might be wondering how to get inside. Well, it’s designer and inventor, KWK Promes, created a drawbridge system for the entry and exit and it is the only way in or out. The architects had nothing but safety in mind during the design, and as the only way to eliminate unnecessary hazards, they went with a drawbridge system. The building might not be aesthetically beautiful but when zombies are after you, who cares?

9. Bill Gates’ Home

Bill Gates Home, houses, richest people on Earth
Image via Bing Maps

We all know that Bill Gates has a lot of money. In fact, he is one of the richest men in the world, due to his multi-million dollar company, Microsoft. Being in the tech industry for decades, Gates is a humble man who has donated a majority of his wealth to help people around the world. But just because he is generous and humble, doesn’t mean that anyone can just walk inside his house whenever they wish. The 62-year-old’s house is fully equipped with all the latest security features.

When visitors arrive at his multi-million dollar home, they are given a pin that communicates with the security systems and sensors. Visitors can set their temperature and lighting preferences, so that it shifts with them as they move throughout the house. And if a visitor is playing music, it will follow them from room to room. The house is also Earth sheltered, which means that it takes advantage of its surroundings to adjust temperature and heat loss.

The floors in every section of the house are sensitive to pressure as they are monitored 24/7. This means that the security team is aware of anyone and everyone in the house at all times. Along with the state of the art security, he has cameras and heat detectors which alert the security team of an intruder from a mile away. No doubt that he lives in one of the safest houses in the world.

8. Fort Knox

Fort Knox, Kentucky, military base, soldiers
Image via Michael Vadon/Flickr

One of the most unknown facts about Fort Knox is that 30,000 soldiers, tanks, armor personnel carriers, attack helicopters and artillery reside outside. It has one of the highest levels of protection on the planet. Fort Knox is a United States Mint facility, but due to its advanced security system, much about Fort Knox remains a mystery.

Built in 1935 as a bullion depository, meant to hold large quantities of gold for the United States, it is located 30 miles southwest of Louisville. The gold in the depository is in the form of standard U.S. Mint bars of almost pure gold and coin bars resulting from the melting of gold coins. Fort Knox is protected by the United States Mint Police and the lawn leading to the building is said to be covered in land mines. New age radars scan the entire base and laser triggered machine guns apparently surround the entire property.

The vault door itself weighs 20 tons and no one in the world has the combination for it. Each of the vaults can be filled with water and the security personnel are sworn to confidentiality.

7. The Corbi Family Residence

Rich houses, expensive, top security features, life
Image via YouTube

The Corbi family residence, located in the Hollywood hills of California, is known for its expensive and excessive use of security. The fortress is built with bulletproof windows, two panic-rooms and steel-reinforced concrete walls. Built in 2001, the house is earthquake proof and has a bunker; which doubles as a wine cellar. The house is surrounded by a disorienting fog spray system that confuses any intruders.

Apart from the two panic-rooms, there are two “safe core” bedrooms in the ballistics-proof home. The safe core rooms can be immediately sealed by locking one or more special doors with vault-style locks. Throughout the house, the walls are mounted with iPads that gives the residents live updates about the house and its surroundings. There are no keys to unlock doors and the only way to open any door is through bio-metric recognition software. According to its creator, three-generations can survive in the house in the case of a disaster.

6. White House

White House, fact, facts, United States
Image via Pixabay

The official home for the U.S. president was designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban in the 1790’s. But during the 1900’s, the building underwent major structural changes. Surrounding the exteriors of the White House stands a fence that is made completely of reinforced iron. During the mid 90’s, this fence was stretched down by an entire block in order to keep traffic further away.

The White House is surrounded by Secret Service agents whose sole job is to ensure the safety of the President and his family. The officers who patrol inside and out are military equipped to tackle any type of intrusion. Any food that enters the White House that is prepared for the President or anyone else is checked thoroughly.

The windows are bulletproof and the roof is equipped with radars. Anyone who wishes to enter has to go through a thorough screening. The walls on the other hand are equipped with infrared sensors. The entire building also has its own air filtration system, to reduce risk of contamination.

5. Ryongsong Residence

Ryongsong Residence, North Korea
Image via Google Earth

You might be wondering why someone would need security systems in a country like North Korea. The country is known for its oppressive leader who has strict rules for his people. Wearing jeans or having a bible in your possession can lead to the death penalty. The Ryongsong Residence is where the royal family resides. According to sources, the building is said to be the most secure place on Earth.

It is surrounded by an electric fence, a mine field and guards with semi-automatic rifles. The walls are protected with iron rods with lead covered concrete, which is capable of withstanding a nuclear blast. In the case of a disaster, the building has underground tunnels connecting to other royal residences, so that the royal family can make a quick escape.

4. Kronstadt Fort Alexander I

Kronstadt Fort Alexander I, Russia, attack
Image via Wikimedia

The Kronstadt Fort Alexander I was built to keep unwanted people away from Saint Petersburg in Russia. The fort is surrounded by forty other forts, making it hard for any enemy to get close to it. Out of all the forts, the Kronstadt Fort Alexander I is the most secure fort that has ever been built. Many brave men have tried to intrude into the fort but failed because it was built to withstand enemies.

The military installments have piles which are 12 meters in length, that dig deep into the ocean and reinforce the top of the property. To make it indestructible, there are 5,535 piles which cannot be knocked over. The walls are built with layers of sand, concrete and granite.

3. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, London, UK, Europe
Image via Wikimedia

While Buckingham Palace is one of the most popular touristic spots in the world, it is also one of the most secure places in the world. The palace is surrounded by guards that change shifts often to ensure they are always in top shape and condition. In December of 2017, a 24-year-old man named Michael Fagan tried to scale the building after jumping the perimeter fence. He wanted to take a closer look inside Buckingham Palace but was arrested before he could get a glimpse.

Since the incident, the security guards have been on the edge. The few roads that surround the palace are controlled by police officers. The roads are closed and opened for tourists, depending on the security measures for the day. The guards also follow a “ring around system” to stay alert at night and to keep the area secure.

2. The Kardashians

The Kardashians house, lakeside, millionaires
Image via YouTube

Since the incident in Paris where Kim was robbed last year, she decided to increase security to the maximum. The incident caused her to make changes, such as firing her bodyguard Pascal Duvier and installing top notch security systems that are controlled by guards who underwent thorough background checks. Most visitors are not allowed into the property but if you do obtain permission to visit, you have to go through a pre-approved pat down by the security team.

Whenever Kim goes outside, she has a line of cars waiting at her disposal. She switches cars often to make sure no one follows her. Apart from these security measures, the property surrounding the house is fitted with multiple motion detectors and hidden cameras. Rumor has it that the house is also equipped with a safe room with state of the art technology.

1. Maximum Security Mansion

Maximum Security Mansion
Image via YouTube

While the mansion looks exquisite and the name doesn’t appear to match its looks, it is literally a maximum security mansion. Located in Evergreen, Colorado, the property spreads over 32 acres and is equipped with a 6 million dollar security system that puts other houses to shame. The surveillance system covers every corner of the house and can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

There are thermal image sensors equipped everywhere that detects even the slightest variation in temperature. Any fingerprint left behind can be recognized by the security systems and they can find a match in less than 20 minutes. So, don’t ever attempt to trespass onto this property because you definitely won’t get far.

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