10 Most Haunted Objects That Brought Misery, Pain & Death To Their Owners

10 Most Haunted Objects That Brought Misery, Pain & Death To Their Owners

The paranormal has been a huge part of just about every civilization. Depending on the culture, the beliefs and experiences vary. They may appear as ghosts, mysterious spirits, evil forces, psychic abilities, UFOs, or horrifying creatures. Some believe that these external powers are channeled through objects. Whether it’s manifested through a doll or a necklace, these items have certainly brought a great amount of misfortune to their owners. Here is a list of 10 eerie and haunted objects that will definitely creep you out.

1. Robert The Doll

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Created around the turn of the century, Robert is a handmade doll which was originally a gift from a Bahamian servant to Robert “Eugene” Otto, a child from a wealthy family. The doll stands over three feet tall, is stuffed with wood shavings, and is dressed in a faded sailor suit. Gifted to Eugene in 1906, some accounts claim that Robert was actually made in the likeness of its new owner. The two became instantly inseparable.

When weird occurances took place around the house, Eugene blamed the doll. His parents and visitors reported hearing Eugene talking with the doll, while another, unrecognizable voice answered. Eugene’s other toys were found mutilated or destroyed and neighboring children claimed to see the doll peering out from different windows of the house. In spite of these sinister occurrences, Eugene kept his doll well into adulthood. After Eugene’s death in 1974, his colorfully-painted home had become a local attraction. Tenants in the house heard footsteps and giggling in the attic room where Robert was kept.

The doll was finally donated to the Fort East Martello museum in 1994. Visitors complained that handheld cameras and electronic devices stopped working whenever they stood near the doll. Their devices began to start working again as soon as they moved away from Robert’s display case.

2. The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man, creepypasta, weird
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The Anguished Man is the name given to this terrifying painting by it’s owner, Sean Robinson of England. According to him, the painting was discovered during his childhood in his grandmother’s basement. He instantly became obsessed with the painting and often stared at it for hours. After his grandmother’s death, the painting was gifted to him through her will. Upon bringing the creepy painting to his house, Sean’s wife began hearing weird noises, doors began shutting on their own, and other paranormal events started taking place around the house.

As the weird occurances became more frequent, Sean was prompted to set up a camera and record a time-lapse video. While going through the recording, Sean discovered strange scraping sounds around 2:30 in the morning. When he researched the origin of the painting, Sean found that it was completed by an artist just hours before he committed suicide, and even supposedly mixed his own blood into the paint.

3. The Busby Chair

The Busby Chair, chair, haunted, creepy
Image source: Speaker’s Corner

Have you ever found a chair so perfect that you would curse anyone else who dared to sit in it? Apparently, one man did. In 1702, Thomas Busby was executed for strangling his father-in-law for sitting in his chair. According to a local legend, before Busby finished his last meal at his local pub, he is believed to have said,

“May Sudden Death come to anyone who dare sit on the chair.”

Since then, a total of 63 people who sat on his chair have died under mysterious circumstances. The pub started noticing a connection between the deaths and the chair and decided that it was in their best interest to donate the chair; rather than lose all of their customers permanently. The chair was donated to the Thirsk Museum, where it is hung from a ceiling to prevent anyone from accidentally sitting on it.

4. The Woman from Lemb Statue

The Woman from Lemb Statue
Image source: Stranger Dimensions

Believed to have been carved in 3500 BC, the statue was recovered in 1878. Although the meaning of the statue remains a mystery, many believe it to be a female Goddess. However, the Goddess wasn’t kind to the people who claimed its ownership. First, the statue was possessed by a High Lord, who mysteriously disappeared with 6 other family members over a period of 6 years. The last surviving member of the family decided to break the family curse by selling the statue to a man named Ivor Manucci.

Four years after obtaining the statue, Manucci’s family died under mysterious circumstances. The statue was then sold twice and claimed more lives of the owners’ families before making its way to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh. The man who handled the statue decided to keep it in a glass casing, so that no one would ever have the misfortune of touching it. He, too died a year later.

5. James Dean’s Car

James Dean's Car: Little Rascal
Image source: Wikimedia

James Dean was killed on September 30, 1955 when he collided with another vehicle doing a reported 85 mph in his brand new Porsche 550 Spyder. Upon impact, the silver Spyder, which Dean had nicknamed Little Bastard, was reduced to a crumpled pile of aluminum and steel. When the actor finally arrived at the hospital an hour later, he was pronounced dead on arrival. The wreckage of the Little Bastard was bought by Dr. William F. Eschrich, who stripped out the mechanical parts for use in his Lotus IX race car.

When the car’s new owner sold the ending and drivetrain to two racers, one lost control and hit a tree, dying instantly. The other was injured when his car locked up and he rolled it. A thief who tried to steal parts of the remaining wreck was also fatally injured. The car was then donated to a safety exhibit of the California Highway Patrol, which caught fire. They reopened the exhibit, only to have the wrecked car fall on a student and severely injure him. The wreck and its location are currently a mystery, however, one man has come forward claiming to know its whereabouts. He passed a polygraph test but said he would not reveal the location unless he receives a portion of the money that would be offered (as he has no legal rights to the wreckage or the property where it is located).

6. Annabelle the Doll

Annabelle the doll

Annabelle the Doll is pretty popular thanks to the movie The Conjuring. The doll is real, but whether or not you believe the terrifying tales that surround it is up to you. Annabelle was a gift to a daughter going to college in 1970. The owner and her friend started noticing strange incidents in their room and periodically found papers with childish writing on it. The pair sought help from a psychic, who informed them that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle. The psychic also informed them that Annabelle died in a fire, and that the spirit was benevolent.

When the girls shared this information with a male friend, he disagreed. He was found the next day, strangled and scratched, with only Annabelle in the room. The girls then sought help from Ed and Lorraine Warren. The paranormal investigators discovered that the doll was a conduit for demons. When numerous exorcism rituals failed to rid the doll from all demons, the couple decided to place the doll in the Warren’s occult museum, behind a glass that warns people not to open it.

7. The Conjure Chest

The Conjure Chest
Image source: Wikimedia

The Conjure chest is another example of the wrath of those who were despairingly forced into slavery. Slave owner Jacob Cooley ordered one of his servants to make a chest for his son. Hosea made a beautiful chest for Cooley’s son, but for some reason, Jacob was less than impressed with his efforts. He beat him so severely that he ended up killing him. Cooley’s other slaves, who were friends with Hosea, vowed to avenge his unjust death. They planned a ritual and got a ‘conjure man’ to place a curse on the chest. Cooley’s first born son died as an infant and seventeen other deaths were also attributed to the curse of the chest. The curse is believed to have been removed and the chest is currently on display at the Kentucky History Museum in Frankfort.

8. Valentino’s Ring

Valentino's Ring
Image source: Strange Things

Rudolph Valentino was considered to be one of the greatest silent actors of all time. It wasn’t until the purchase of a ring that his career went downhill; as well as his life. In the 1920’s, Valentino bought a ring, and supposedly, when he showed it off to a friend, they saw an image of him as a corpse. Valentino shrugged off the premonition, but after the encounter, he was plagued with bad luck. His career flopped and he died not long after. His lover, who also wore the ring, became mysteriously ill and the person who played him in a biography also died having worn the ring. Years later, a man named Joe Casino bought the ring and waited seven years, until he thought the curse was lifted, to wear the ring. He died one week later.

9. The Dibbuk Box

Dibbuk Box
Image source: Wikimedia

According to Jewish folklore, the Dibbuk box is basically a wine cabinet that is haunted by a restless evil spirit who loves possessing humans. There is one story in particular that is famous today because of its eBay description; which was an attempt to get rid of it. During an auction in Portland, one man bought the Dibbuk box unaware of what it really was. A girl who knew about it told him, and consequently freaked him out. She told him that it was evil, that he must never open it and that it had belonged to her grandmother who wanted to have it buried with her in an attempt to stop it from harming other. But as this defied Jewish tradition, her family ignored her bizarre request. The man experienced the haunting for himself as light bulbs smashed on their own. When he tried to give the box away, it was rejected. His mother had a stroke when it was in her possession and all she said to him when he visited her in hospital was ‘hate gift’. A man named Jason Haxton bought it, wrote a book about it and thus The Possession was made into a film.

10. The Eye of Brahma

The Eye Of Brahma
Image source: Navrang India

The Black Orlov Diamond, also known as the Eye of Brahma Diamond, weights 67.50 carats and was once part of a much larger uncut 195 carat diamond; which can be traced back to 19th century India. Legend has it that the uncut stone was originally featured as one of the eyes in a statue of Brahma, the Hindu God of creation, which stood in a shrine in the southern Indian city of Pondicherry. It is believed that the diamond was stolen from the statue in a Hindu Temple by a travelling monk, after which it became cursed. It had several female owners, many of which committed suicide. The new owner, Charles F. Winson, split the diamond into three pieces to break the curse.

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