The González Sisters: Serial Killer Siblings Who Broke A World Record For Murders

The González Sisters: Serial Killer Siblings Who Broke A World Record For Murders

Humans are capable of performing acts, far more heinous than murders. If we take a look at statistics, many perpetrators commit crimes with no logical reason or vendetta against their victims. Serial killers, on the other hand, are a group that diverges from our stereotypes in many major ways. Apart from the fact that they are ethnically diverse, 17 percent of serial killers are female. They have a psychological urge to kill and will take great measures to outrun authorities. They are manipulative and pathological liars who are constantly searching for their next victim. Here, we are telling you a story about the Gonzalez sisters; who had a long list of victims. The sisters claimed so many lives that they broke a world record. Keep reading to  learn more about these murderous sisters and their record-breaking killing spree.

Part I: During the the 1950s and 1960s, sisters Delfina and María de Jesús González ran a large-scale brothel.

The González Sisters ran a large-scale prostit*tion ring in Northern Mexico. They also took part in a massive killing spree that targeted prostit*tes, wealthy men and illegitimate babies.

Gonzalez sisters
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The sisters were born in El Salto de Juanacatlán, Jalisco. They were born into a poor and abusive family who forced them to follow a certain set of rules. Their father, Isidro Torres, set high standards for his daughters. And if they failed to meet his expectations, he punished them harshly. Isidro was part of the local grassroots police force and had access to the jail cells. He utilized and abused his power to lock the sisters in them, whenever they failed to follow his orders. He was also known for shooting innocent people if they argued with him.

The Gonzalez family were forced to move to San Francisco del Rincon.

While in El Salto, Isidro managed to build more enemies than friends. This forced him to move his family to San Francisco del Rincon, about 100 miles north of Mexico City.

The Gonzalez Sisters
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After the family relocated to San Francisco del Rincon, the sisters settled down and started to make a life for themselves. The sisters were deeply afraid of their family as well as being poor. Fearing the life of poverty, the sisters decided to move out of their father’s house and start a small business. The sisters started a small saloon which made enough money for them to survive. The sisters were not happy with that and wanted more out of their lives. In order to keep police officers away from any illegal activities taking place within their establishment, the sisters started to offer their bodies to them.

Authorities turned their eyes away from their establishment. This gave them power and confidence to recruit more women into what was slowly becoming a prostit*tion ring.

The salon was slowly turning into a large-scale prostit*tion ring. Their idea turned out to be successful and they started expanding their business to include Mexico City, San Juan de los Lagos and San Juan del Rio.

Gonzalez sisters
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The picture above shows the entrance of the first ever saloon opened by the sisters. Soon after their business started to spread throughout the country, the sisters grew tired of searching for women to join their brothel. They developed a calculated method to recruit women. Apart from running classified ads, they also hired men who searched for the prettiest girls in the rural countryside. Since jobs were scarce in the countryside and they had a better chance at making money in the city, the women agreed to join them. They were also promised high wages as well as a place to live, in exchange for working as a waitress or maid in the saloon. But in reality, when the women arrived, they were forced into sex slavery.

Part II: “The Black Eagle” was the night watchman who kidnapped women for the sisters.

As the sisters began to make a fortune from their business, greed took over and they wanted to make more. They hired men like Hermenegildo, Zuniga and Estrada, who kidnapped women from different parts of the country.

The Gonzalez sisters
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Women who were recruited into the saloon were promised high wages and boarding in exchange for their services. But in reality, the women who willingly came, as well as the kidnapped ones, were held in captivity. They were forced into prostit*tion and some of them never had the chance to see daylight again. High ranking men, such as soldiers to councilmen, visited the brothel but the women were never paid and worked as slaves.

When the women started to get pregnant, the Gonzalez sisters decided to start ending their lives.

As soon as the sisters noticed that the women would turn into a liability, they decided to end their lives.

The Gonzalez sisters
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Soon, the brothels turned into a concentration camp where women were forced, beaten and even killed. If a woman denied the orders of the sisters, or if they contracted any STDs, they were murdered and buried on the ranch. They had no remorse for life and neither did they show mercy to any living soul. For the sisters, all that mattered was money and the expansion of their business.

Women who disobeyed were locked in a room without food or water. They were starved to death and the younger ones were beaten with thick logs. The sisters also claimed lives of men who walked through the brothel doors. Any man who came in with a lot of money was murdered and all his valuables were taken. As the sisters made more money, their fear of being poor never died within them.

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