10 Feel-Good Facts That are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

10 Feel-Good Facts That are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

Today, most of what we hear on news websites or social media is negativity and bad things happening all around the globe. Of course, there are some things you just can’t prevent and this type of news spreads fast, especially with the ease in sharing information. The negativity can also have a huge impact on our mood as well as our livelihood. It can alter the way we think and in some cases, cause us to disconnect with the world; as we imagine that it’s filled with nothing but negativity. What you don’t know is that good things are also happening all around us. Today, we have gathered a list of feel-good facts, some of which are sure to put a smile on your face.

1. There are dogs that can surf and raise money for other animals in need.

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Image: Pixabay

Every year, the dog surfing event, Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, takes place at Del Mar Dog Beach, CA. The competition is dedicated to our four legged friends, who like to prove that they can ride the waves, just as good as humans. In 2019, approximately 170 dogs participated and a pup named Faith the Surfing Pitbull was the Top Surf Dog. The event also raises money for the animals in need at the Helen Woodward Animal Center. (source)

2. The city of Atlanta, Georgia, is turning 7.1 acres of abandoned land into a forest of free produce.

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Image: Noah Buscher

The land, near the Lakewood Fairgrounds and Browns Mill Golf Course, is being converted into the nation’s largest food forest. The city council approved the transformation of more than 7 acres and is already working on it. According to CNN, the forest is expected to provide 85% of residents within a half mile of fresh food by 2021. The abandoned plot of land was originally purchased in 2016 by the Conservation Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicating to buying and preserving natural land across the US. This will be Atlanta’s first urban food forest. (source)

3. Eating dark chocolate can keep your mind sharp and alert, and your mood calm and happy.

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Image: Pexels

Dark chocolate is not only nutritious, it also contains a decent amount of soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals. Studies show that it is also capable of improving the function of your brain. According to a 2019 study, regularly indulging yourself in dark chocolate can help keep your mind sharp and alert, and your mood calm and happy. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should go all out and consume lots of chocolate every day, rather consume moderate amounts. (source)

4. Earth’s ozone layer is recovering and according to a 2018 report from the United Nations, it is expected to fully recover within the next 50 years.

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Image: Pixabay

The ozone layer starts at about 6 miles (10 kms) above Earth and stretches for nearly 25 miles (40 kms). Also known as the Earth’s protective layer, it is responsible for keeping the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays away. Since the late 1970’s, it had been thinning but a new UN report says that by 2060, it will recover completely. (source)

5. Every sweater Mr. Rogers wore in his show was made by his mom. She had hand-knit each of them.

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Image: Rudi Riet/Wikimedia

For some of us, while growing up, Mr. Rogers played a huge part. ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’ was first broadcast late in the afternoon, the same time adults came home from work. So, his idea was that he was coming home from work, and was going to spend some time with the ‘television neighbor’. This is why he began his show in a predictable way, that is, changing to his sweater, singing the same welcoming song and sitting on the bench to change to his sneakers. The sweater played a huge role in his life since they were all hand-knit by his beloved mother.

“My mother, for as long as I could remember, made at least one sweater every month,” Rogers told EmmyTVLegends.org in 1999. “She would give us each a hand-knit sweater every Christmas. Until she passed away, those zipper sweaters that I wore on the ‘Neighborhood’ were all made by my mother.”

Even after that, the show kept up the tradition to honor his late mother. (source)

6. A cat version of the corgi exists: the munchkin cat.

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Image: Wikimedia

Munchkin cat is the feline version of a corgi. The first munchkin was a stray cat and they have been spotted in Great Britain, Russia, and New England during the 20th century. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that people officially began breeding them. While the munchkin’s most distinguishing feature is its legs, they do come in all kinds of shades, colors and patterns. (source)

7. A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.

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Image: Sergi Ferrete

A group of pugs is called a grumble and a group of kittens is called a kindle. Also, a group of hedgehogs is called a prickle, a group of bunnies is called a fluffle, and baby puffins are called pufflings.

8. Cats bring us “presents” because they think that we are not capable of fetching food for ourselves.

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Image: Mikhail Vasilyev

You know every once in a while when your beloved cat brings a rodent or bird to you for dinner? While some people consider it to be bad behavior, there’s actually a reason as to why they bring it. According to scientists, when your kitten brings you food from nature, they are acting out their natural role as mother and teacher. Cats are natural hunters and since they don’t see their humans hunting, they get the idea that we are bad at it. So, they are doing us a favor and trying to make sure that their family member is not going hungry. (source)

9. Mister Rogers was given the honors of pouring the wax that made the 1,000,000,000th Crayola crayon.

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Image: Joshua Eckstein

In 1996, Mr. Rogers was given the honor of pouring the wax that made the 100 billionth Crayola crayon.

10. Hugging your loved one or simply holding hands with them at a regular basis can actually keep you healthier.

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Image: Roman Kraft

When you hug your loved one or simply hold hands with them, feel good hormones are released. These feel good hormones can also reduce the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Studies show that those who regularly hug or hold hands with their loved ones were healthier than those who don’t. (source)

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