8 Of The Most Absurd Reasons Why People Rushed To The Emergency Room

8 Of The Most Absurd Reasons Why People Rushed To The Emergency Room

The emergency room in a hospital is always filled with surprises. Each case is a new experience to the doctors and staff on duty. Every day, people visit the ER for various reasons. Whether it be a life threatening situation or something that they think is wrong with them, the hospital staff get a fair share of the experience. These men and women are not only doing a noble job and saving lives, they experience cases that question the sake of humanity. Though a visit to the emergency room is no laughing matter, the reason behind these people’s visits will surely make you chuckle. The stories shown here occurred in real-life and will make you question yourself. Here are 15 of the weirdest reasons people were rushed to the emergency room.

1. Woman has a $7,000 meal. I mean literally…

Emergency room visit by a woman who swallowed $7000
Image Source: deccanchronicle

Doctors at a Colombian hospital had to face a scary scenario when a woman was brought in to the emergency room for swallowing $7,000 in U.S. $100 bills. After having an argument with her husband, the 28-year-old Piedecuesta woman decided that she would hide the money from him. The woman had raised the sum by selling household electronics and had been planning to use it for a trip to Panama. When her husband demanded a cut of the money, she took the argument to a whole new level by swallowing 57 rolls of cash.

The woman had to undergo an emergency surgery due to severe pain in the abdomen. Doctors were able to successfully remove $5,700 in bills that were in salvageable condition. The rest of the bills are expected to pass through her colon.

2. Live eel removed from man’s bladder.

Live eel removed from man's bladder

This bizarre case occurred in China. Zhang Nan was taking a bath with live eels in order to cleanse his skin, which is an unorthodox spa treatment in China. Nan believed that bathing with eels would make him appear years younger and so, dove into the water filled with the slimy serpents. Not too long after entering the water, one of the eels took a liking to his manhood. Nan felt a sharp pain to which he noticed an eel making his way up his urethra and into his bladder. The 56-year-old from Honghu, Hubei province said,

‘I climbed into the bath and I could feel the eels nibbling my body. But then suddenly I felt a severe pain and realised a small eel had gone into the end of my penis.’

Nan rushed into the hospital where he underwent an emergency surgery. After a three hour surgery, the doctors were able to successfully remove the six-inch eel, which was dead by the time they found it.

3. Tripping over their pets.

Tripping over pets

Owning a pet has emotional as well as health benefits. While in some cases, they are also the reason for certain people to take a trip to the ER. In the United States alone, around 86,000 people are injured and have to visit the emergency room because they tripped on their pets. Though it’s unintentional, your beloved pets could be the reason for an accident. Especially in today’s world, people are too involved with technology, that they pay less attention to their surroundings.

4. Woman encounters a painful three hour long orgasm.

Woman has three hour orgasms

Though the intimate moment is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, an epic climax landed one Seattle woman in the emergency room. Liz, and her partner Eric decided to start their day with a bit of fun but as the couple got out of bed, the fun never ended for Liz. After two hours into the scenario, the couple decide to head to the ER but received a lot of stares and nosy comments. Liz had to endure the whole thing for another hour after reaching the hospital before it finally stopped. The couple shared their experience with TLC show “Sex Sent Me to the ER.”

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