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Earth’s Outer Core Is Hiding A Massive Metal Dragon Inside! – And It’s Breathtaking

There is a similar jet stream in the atmosphere, which pilots usually take advantage of, to get to the destination quicker as well as reducing the consumption of fuel by the aircraft. Both these jet streams are the same with the only exception that the one below the surface of the Earth is made of metal and is situated 3,000 km below. Current statistics show that it covers almost around half the planet, that is 420 km or 261 miles wide.

According to the Swarm program by the European Space Agency, it is not only moving around with a considerable momentum, but is also accelerating. The liquid metal has become so powerful within the past few years, that it now has influence on the solid inner core of Earth and it’s rotational axis. Just within a year, it increased its length by 40 km and scientists are not sure of the reason behind it. The influence of the liquid metal on the core worries scientists more than anything.

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They say that, if the magnetic power of the metal keeps on increasing, it could even penetrate through the core and lead to a lot of catastrophic issues. Life exists on this planet because of the core that keeps the Earth rotating.  Without it, life would cease to exist. There’s a science fiction disaster film ‘The Core, released in 2003, that shows the problems that arise due to powerful magnetic fields that stops the core from functioning. Because of unstable magnetic fields, the core stops rotating and the fearsome due in the movie had to start a series of nuclear explosions in the core to get it started again.

By observing the growth of this powerful magnetic field, scientists are expecting a reversal in Earth’s polarity. Which means, the North pole would become South and the South pole would become North.

The discovery of this metal “dragon” surely makes us realize that there’s a lot more things we don’t know about our own planet. Maybe, we should dedicate our time and technology into learning more about our own planet, instead of focusing on other extra-terrestrial planets and life.

Sources: ESA, BBC, The Space Reporter.

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