Earth's Outer Core Is Hiding A Massive Metal Dragon Inside! - And It's Breathtaking - Mind Blowing Facts

Earth’s Outer Core Is Hiding A Massive Metal Dragon Inside! – And It’s Breathtaking

The Earth is home to billions of living things. As science progresses, more and more studies have been conducted to understand the core of this massive oblate spheroid. Most recently, scientists and researchers have found evidence of a liquid dragon that’s lurking under our feet. Technically, it’s not an actual dragon, but molten iron that is constantly flowing around part of Earth’s outer core.

This monstrous serpent travels through the planet’s liquid outer core at around 50 kilometers (31 miles) per year and is currently based in the Northern Hemisphere, gradually moving towards Alaska and Siberia.

It was found by Europe’s Swarm satellites which are mapping the Earth’s metallic field and trying to determine the exact reason behind the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field over the last few centuries. The magnetism or the magnetic property in the northern hemisphere is solely due to the metal dragon. Even though it is only moving at a rate of 50 km or 31 miles per year, the dense liquid metal is the fastest moving of anything within the solid earth.

During the annual gathering of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, they announced that the iron serpent is driven and even possibly, could be altering the planet’s magnetic field.

“This a very dense liquid metal, and it takes a huge amount of energy to move this thing around.” As far as they can tell, this so-called jet stream probably has “the fastest motion we have anywhere within the solid Earth.” – Dr Chris Finlay

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