Criminal KIDS! Chilling 19th Century Mug Shots Offer A Fascinating Photo Archive Of Victorian Prisoners

Criminal KIDS! Chilling 19th Century Mug Shots Offer A Fascinating Photo Archive Of Victorian Prisoners

If you are a parent, you are familiar with the trouble of making your child understand something. No matter what we tell them, they refuse to accept it as the truth. Sometimes the inexperience in life can easily get them into hot water. With the increase in freedom, easy access to any website and sharing of information in social media sites, it’s simply a matter of pressing a button. Young people getting into a bit of mischief is not a modern trend. As a matter of fact, it has existed for as long as humans have been roaming the Earth. Though, not all of them were huge crimes. Nevertheless, they were still caught for their crimes and punished accordingly. Here are 16 mugshots of naughty kids that were taken during the Victorian age. After reading this, even the most mischievous of modern time will be impressed.

1. Ellen Woodman

Ellen Woodman was sentenced to do 7 days hard labor after being convicted of stealing iron with her friends.

Kids committing crimes: Ellen Woodman

As innocent as the picture portrays her, Ellen Woodman was caught stealing iron with her friends, Mary Catherine Docherty, Rosanna Watson and Mary Hinnigan. Ellen, who was living in Durham at the time, was arrested when she was only 11 years of age. After her arrest, it was revealed that she was also the mastermind behind the theft.

After her release, she went on to live a full life. She was married to  Joseph Henry Stuchbree and had 6 children. She passed away on June 27, 1955 in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

2. Jane Farrell

Sometime between 1871 – 1873, Jane Farrell was arrested for stealing two pairs of boots.

Jane Farrell

At the age of 12, Jane Farrell was arrested at at Newcastle City Gaol for stealing two boots. Jane was charged with 10 days of hard labor. During the Victorian-era, hard labor meant splitting rocks as well as carrying them. She was arrested under the Prevention of Crimes act, 1871.

3. Henry Leonard Stephenson

Henry Leonard Stephenson was arrested in 1873 for conducting a string of house break-ins.

Henry Leonard Stephenson

At such a young age, you might wonder what goes inside a child’s mind. They become curious about the world and are interested in exploring as well as understanding new things. But at the age of 12, Henry Leonard Stephenson, as seen in the mugshot wearing a blazer, was arrested for breaking into other people’s houses. He was convicted at a very young age and was sentenced to two months in prison for the crimes he had committed.

4. Rosanna Watson

Similar to Ellen Woodman, Rosanna Watson was caught for stealing iron with her friends.

Rosanna Watson

Rosanna Watson was only 13 years old when she and her three friends were caught stealing iron. During the Victorian-era, iron was expensive. Blacksmiths worked iron and steel into a wide variety of items such as tools, mill parts, building hardware, fireplaces and cooking tools. Rosanna and her friends decided to steal iron and trade it for goods since petty thefts performed by children were unlikely to be noticed. Unfortunately, Rosanna was caught and was sentenced to 7 days of hard labor.

5. Mary Hinnigan

Mary Hinnigan was one of the accomplices of Rosanna Watson.

Mary Hinnigan

Mary Hinnigan was caught stealing iron with Rosanna Watson, Mary Catherine Docherty and Ellen Woodman. Mary was one of the accomplices in the iron stealing crime. Mary also received the same sentence as Rosanna; seven days of hard labor. Though Mary looks innocent in her mugshot, she was known to be a tough teenager.

6. James Scullion

James Scullion was only 13 years of age, when he started stealing.

James Scullion

James Scullion was caught stealing clothes and was was sentenced to 14 days hard labor at Newcastle City Gaol. After spending 14 days in the house of correction, he was sent to Market Weighton Reformatory School for 3 years.

7. Michael Clement Fisher

Born in West Hartlepool, Michael Clement Fisher was an accomplice of Henry Leonard Stephenson.

Michael Clement Fisher

Henry Leonard Stephenson and Michael Clement Fisher were both breaking into other people’s houses; before finally being caught. Believe it or not, they both became convicted criminals in Newcastle at the age of 13. For the crimes they have committed, they were both sentenced to spend 2 months in prison.

8. Stephen Monaghan

Stephen Monaghan was convicted of stealing money at the age of 14.

Stephen Monaghan

On July 25, 1873, Stephen Monaghan was caught stealing money and was sentenced to 10 days of hard labor. Upon his release, he was sent to Market Weighton Reformatory for three years.

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