11 Foods That Look Completely Different In America Compared To Other Countries

11 Foods That Look Completely Different In America Compared To Other Countries

Just because we are accustomed to one lifestyle does not mean that the whole world follows our path. There are several foods that we enjoy every day, that sound the same, but looks completely different in other countries. For instance, we have biscuits that we enjoy with gravy or eat as appetizers but in countries such as Britain and India, biscuits are food items that are only consumed as a tea snack. From Great Britain, Australia and different parts of the world, we have gathered a list of popular food items that have the same name, but are completely different.

1. Biscuits

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Biscuits and gravy are one of the most popular foods across the US. They are listed on almost all breakfast menus and there are even National Biscuits and Gravy Days on February 21 and December 2, and National Biscuits and Gravy Week is the second week of September. According to The Farmers Almanac, “Biscuits and gravy have been around as long as this country. Born of necessity and frugality, the dish seems to have become commonplace during the Revolutionary War. Biscuits and gravy answered the need for a hearty, high-calorie breakfast for people who worked hard, but didn’t have much money on hand”.

Biscuits are also extremely popular across Britain, but they have a completely different look. According to The Sun, 7% of the population favors Bourbon, a chocolaty biscuit whereas 8% favor digestive and 12% favor chocolate digestive biscuits. A McVitie’s survey also found that 42% of workers found sharing biscuits with colleagues to make them happier. In Britain, biscuits are often consumed as a snack or with tea.

2. Chips

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The only difference between chips in the USA and India is the main ingredient. In the US, potatoes are sliced as thin as possible and deep fried to make them crispy. In India, instead of potatoes, bananas are sliced thin and deep fried. The reason for using bananas instead of potatoes is because bananas are found in abundance throughout the country. In the UK, however, if you order chips, you will get “fish and chips”, which is basically fried fish with French fries. Not only are potato chips extremely popular across the US, the average American eats over 4 pounds of potato chips each year. Lay’s, the popular potato chip manufacturer, sells more than 372 million bags of Lay’s in the U.S. each year—or 3.72 billion ounces of chips.

3. Milky Way Bars

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Image: Evan Amos

The chocolate-covered combination of caramel and nougat was invented nearly 100 years ago and has been popular ever since. In the United States alone, Milky Way Bars make up more than $100 million in sales every year. The candy bar is equally popular in the UK but is sold totally different than in the US. In the UK, not only are the candy bars smaller, they only contain nougat filling, which gives it more like a 3 Musketeers bar resemblance. At the same time, the candy bar sold in Australia has flavors such as bananas and berries and cream. Another interesting fact is that the Milky Ways in the UK are extremely light, which makes them float in milk.

4. Pancakes

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Pancakes have been around since the time of Romans. They are extremely popular in the US and are part of breakfast for millions every morning. In the UK, pancakes are made using a wide range of ingredients such as wheat, buckwheat, wine or ale, and herbs and spices like cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. In fact, pancakes have 24 different names in the UK, depending on the area you’re in. In Russia however, pancakes have more of a French crepes resemblance and are usually considered deserts rather than a main course.

5. Pudding

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In the US, pudding is a creamy dessert served in a bowl or a glass. The sweet and creamy food that is often consumed with a spoon emerged in the mid-19th century and has been popular ever since. In 2018 alone, 155.88 million Americans consumed pudding and the figure is expected to rise to 157.61 million in 2020. In the UK and Australia, pudding can be pudding, or it can be a general word for dessert. Some of the sweets in the UK have the name “pudding” in them but are not pudding at all, depending on the area. In Australia, pudding is more of what a chocolate lava cake is in the US.

6. Jelly

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Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a staple of the American diet. People of all ages enjoy it for breakfast or lunch with white, wheat or sourdough breads. Some like it crunchy as toasts and others like it smooth. Some like it with grape jelly while others like it with strawberry. Did you however, know that the US is the only place in the world where jelly is called jelly? In other countries across the globe, they are called jam and in Britain, jelly means a sweet dessert which is served at birthday parties or events.

7. Eggs

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If, like me, you probably see American eggs that look like they are photoshopped. It’s because they are cleaned and sprayed with a sanitizer before being sold. Fresh eggs are not allowed to be sold to the public and once the sanitized eggs are sold, they have to be refrigerated to make them last longer. In Europe, it’s vice versa and eggs that have been cleaned or washed aren’t allowed to be sold. The eggs don’t need to be refrigerated and last as long as refrigerated ones. The same practice is carried out by many other Asian countries such as China and India.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), commercial American eggs are federally required to be washed and sanitized before they reach the consumer. No matter how many safety practices farmers undertake to produce clean eggs, there could always be “dirty eggs” produced. Not only can these dirty eggs contaminate other food sources when they are sold in grocery stores, but consumers refrain themselves from buying dirty looking eggs. So, for safety reasons, eggs are required to be cleaned and sanitized before being sold across the US.

8. Cookies

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In the US, cookies are not limited to just chocolate chip cookies. There are more than 50 types of cookies that range from thin, sweet, crispy or soft. In the UK, the word cookie is only used to refer to chocolate chip cookies but in the US, cookies can have different varieties. It is estimated that Americans alone consume more than 7 billion cookies every year, which means most people eat over 1,000 cookies each and every year. Nearly 93% of all American households serve and enjoy cookies as treats or after meals, whereas in the UK, cookies are only for special occasions.

9. Tea

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In the US, tea is either green tea or iced tea, which is normally served cold. In the UK, India and some Asian countries, people really love to drink tea, but not iced. Unlike the US, tea is often served hot and with milk or creamers. While in the US, tea is consumed with breakfast or lunch, it is considered an important part of the culture in Europe and Asian countries. Friends meet up to have a cup of tea together and instead of smoke breaks, office employees take tea breaks.

10. Smarties

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Smarties are among the top 10 least popular Halloween candies. It’s not just the taste or the texture that makes the candy largely disliked, but also the abundance. During Halloween, smarties are the most given candy of all and also the most disliked. The UK version of smarties actually looks like a cheaper version of M&M’s. The US version has a chalky flavor whereas the UK version has a little bit of chocolate coated in a thick layer of candy.

11. Pie

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When it comes to pies, we often think of them as sweet, savory and topped with cool whip. Apple and cherry pie are the most popular one’s across the US. In Greece however, pies are a traditional dish that are covered with handmade dough. The pies are usually filled with vegetables such as spinach or meat products.

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