10 Contraptions Parents Actually Used On Their Babies Back In The Day

10 Contraptions Parents Actually Used On Their Babies Back In The Day

When it comes to our children, we want them to have the very best of everything. Back in the day, people came up with ideas to create crazy contraptions for children. Whether it was known that they were unsafe or not, they went ahead with their ideas to concoct some of the most heartstopping items; which happened to be ‘top of the line’ at the time. The scary part is not the contraptions themselves, but the fact that parents actually used them with their children. Whether they are ridiculous or ingenious, you decide for yourself. Here are some vintage photos of baby strollers, walkers and few other items throughout history, that parents deemed to be the best for their child.

1. The 18-seater pram from the 1920’s.

Crazy contraptions 1: The 18 seater pram from the 1920's
Wellcome Images/Wikimedia/CCO

The photograph from the ‘Morning Post‘, that was published on August 19, 1925, shows a nurse carrying children in a donkey cart. The children in the cart are the patients from the Park Royal Hospital, located in Willesden, London. (The first mass transit?)

2. Children’s lavatory seat from the 16th century.

Children's lavatory seat during the 16th century.
Wellcome Images/Wikimedia/CCO

Potty training is probably one of the hardest things to do with children. Today, we have training seats that are compact and easy to use. They also make the children feel comfortable and creates a less intimidating experience. Apparently, this is how potty training chairs used to look like in the 16th century. It not only looks uncomfortable but it appears as if the child is being forced to sit in it.

3. The Dunkley Pramotor.

Dunkley Paramotor
Image Source: dailymail

The Dunkley Pramotor was launched in 1923 by British motor firm, Dunkley, in Birmingham. The one-wheeled power pack was a bizarre machine that allowed mothers to carry their children around town without the need to catch a cab.

4. Cot for the children of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, 1860’s.

Cot for the children of Empress Elizabeth

This vintage cot was used by the children of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (December 24, 1837 – September 10, 1898). Though it was meant to be used by the royal family, the cot looks more like the netting used in soccer for the goal post. (I am imagining fish caught in this thing.)

5. Dangling cot, 1921.

Dangling cot, London
treehugger/Public Domain

The heart wrenching picture taken in 1921, shows a child dangling off of a building in a cot. Apparently, this was a thing back in the day in London. This invention surely seems like one of the craziest contraptions ever but the idea behind it was for children to benefit from experiencing “the great outdoors”. The urban life was cramped in the past and children were often stuck inside all day. The dangling cot was a way for children to breathe in fresh air. Children were dressed up nicely and put in the cot with their favorite toys. Wow. Just wow.

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