12 Real-Life Incidents Where People Helped Complete Strangers

12 Real-Life Incidents Where People Helped Complete Strangers

In this world filled with technological advances, we spend more time looking at our phones than others faces. In fact, a Trends in Consumer Mobility Report shows that 71% of the people who were part of the survey, sleep with their phones; or can’t sleep without using them. As more human beings are becoming addicted to technology, the world is becoming an unfriendly place to live. The NEWS is filled with stories of selfish people committing horrible crimes. While this is all true, there still exists people in this world who do good deeds. Their kind acts were thankfully captured by others who shared it through social media, for the world to see. These photos of selfless people doing altruistic things for complete strangers will surely melt your heart.

1. Winter is coming and so are icy roads. Imagine being down on your luck and having to go to work or take your kids to school everyday, with bad tires. Thankfully, this kind gentleman noticed someone in need and paid it forward.

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Image: imgur

There are still some good people in this world.

2. This little girl wanted to practice shooting hoops but didn’t have a place for herself. Her neighbor however, had his own basketball hoop, so she asked him if it was ok for her to play.

girl, hoops, life, playing, neighbor
Image: reddit

3. It’s always fun to meet new people, especially the old folks. You never know how lonely they are and how bad they were in need of someone to talk to.

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Image: reddit

4. For some, redbox is the ultimate movie experience. While renting out a movie, a reddit user found that someone was paying it forward by showing a random act of kindness.

redbox, movie, renting, random act of kindness
Image: reddit

5. Elderly people are one of the loneliest people on this planet. With nothing to do and no one to talk to, they sometimes suffer from depression. This old man was looking for someone to play chess with and his prayers were answered when a random stranger decided to give him some of his time.

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Image: reddit

This is a perfect example of “never judge a book by its cover”.

6. It takes a village to raise a child; especially if you have twins. A couple who were dining out at IHOP, had a rough experience because their twins wouldn’t stop crying. When they went to pay their bill, they saw that someone had already taken care of it.

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Image: reddit

7. Interviews are hard, especially when you’re starting out for the first time. This old man saw a young man struggling with his tie while waiting for the train. The kind hearted gentleman took his time to help the stranger in need.

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Image: reddit

8. Good fences make good neighbours but in this case, it was the other way around.

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Image: reddit

9. During Hurricane Irma, stores were running out of supplies. This man was lucky enough to grab the last generator at Lowe’s but he saw a weeping woman. She was crying because she needed it to power her father’s oxygen supply. Without having second thoughts, he handed her the generator.

Hurricane, Irma, Lowe's, supply, generator
Image: reddit

10. This subway musician survives from the tips. He understands how it feels to be homeless and down on luck.

Subway, musician, playing, music
Image: reddit

11. In this busy world, it’s not unusual to forget simple things such as closing windows or a sunroof. This good samaritan saw someone forgetting to do exactly that and decided to help.

sunroof, car, rain, good samaritan, umbrella
Image: reddit

12. And finally, this young man who saw an elderly man hesitating at the top of an escalator. He offered a simple thing: an outreached arm and a “can I help you on, sir?”.

young man, old man, escalator, helping, kindness, life
Image: reddit

These pictures are powerful enough to restore our faith in humanity.

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