This Cannibal Named Armin Meiwes Placed An Ad To Eat Someone - Terrifyingly, Someone Said Yes!

This Cannibal Named Armin Meiwes Placed An Ad To Eat Someone – Terrifyingly, Someone Said Yes!

Here’s an unusual story. A story about a man who had an unusual desire – a desire to consume a live human. What’s even more terrifying is the fact that there was someone who was willing to comply with this man’s thirst for human flesh and blood. His name is Armin Meiwes, a German computer repair technician. Due to the heinous crime he committed, he earned the frightening title of Der Metzgermeister or “The Rotenburg Cannibal”. Before you proceed, please be advised that the article contains material that may be considered “too much” for some readers. If you are someone who cannot digest such materials, please feel free to browse through our website for more suitable content.

CAUTION: This story includes descriptive sexual and violent details that may not be suitable for all readers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. 

Armin Meiwes was a real-life Hannibal Lecter; a man who found beauty in the culinary preparation of human flesh.

Armin Meiwes, Cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, Freaky
Image: screengrab via YouTube

Meiwes’ story begins in March of 2001. Born in the German town of Kassel, computer technician Meiwes led a very lonely childhood. He started to fantasize about eating his friends at the age of 12 and finally decided to fulfill that fantasy at the age of 40. In March 2001, Meiwes advertised on the internet,

“I am looking for a young, well-built man aged 18 to 30 to slaughter”.

Surprisingly, Meiwes received many replies. But when they learned that he was serious, they backed out – all except for one.

Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes, an engineer from Berlin replied. While Meiwes had a desire to eat someone, Bernd wanted to be eaten by someone.

Armin Meiwes, Bernd, Cannibal, Germany, Mind Blowing Facts, Facts, Weird Facts, Unbelievable Facts, Weird World
Image: screengrab via YouTube

A man called Borg Jose would have been Meiwes’ first victim, but while being laid out on the table in preparation of be butchered, Jose complained of feeling ill and asked to be release;, which Meiwes obliged to. Then Bernd-Jürgen Brandes, a 43-year-old engineer wrote to Meiwes on February 14, 2001 saying that he would agree to be eaten.

On the evening of March 9, the two men met at Meiwes’ farmhouse in the small town of Rotenburg. Mr. Brandes swallowed 20 sleeping pills and half a bottle of Schnapps before Meiwes cut off Brandes’ penis, with his consent. He then fried it for both of them to eat. By this time, Brandes was bleeding heavily but went on to take a bath while Meiwes read a Star Trek novel to him.

‘I decorated the table with nice candles,’ he said. ‘I took out my best dinner service, and fried a piece of rump steak – a piece from his back – made what I call princess potatoes, and sprouts,’ he said, in an unprecedented interview for new documentary ‘Docs: Interview with a Cannibal’.

‘After I prepared my meal, I ate it.

Bernd Brandes, Armin Meiwes, Cannibal
Picture: Bernd Brandes via YouTube

‘The first bite was, of course, very strange. It was a feeling I can’t really describe. I’d spent over 40 years longing for it, dreaming about it.

‘And now I was getting the feeling that I was actually achieving this perfect inner connection through his flesh. The flesh tastes like pork but stronger.’

After the pair met, they engaged in sexual intercourse, but according to Meiwes, Brandes was not satisfied because ‘he wanted to be eaten alive’.

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