Black Knight: A Strange Unknown Object That Has Been Orbiting The Earth For 50 Years And No One Knows What It Is

Black Knight: A Strange Unknown Object That Has Been Orbiting The Earth For 50 Years And No One Knows What It Is

The universe remains a mystery to mankind. Recent explorations have uncovered more knowledge about this vast and mysterious place known as Space. Humans have always wondered about other life forms in the universe. With a universe so vast and filled with an astonishing number of planets, it is actually a possibility that humanity is not alone. Talking about not being alone, a strange object has been floating around Earth for approximately 50+ years and its origin is unknown. Very little is known about this mysterious thing which is dubbed the Black Knight. Some believe the object to have extra-terrestrial origins and to be over thirteen thousand years old. However, many experts in the field of science believe it be a conspiracy theory. Here are the details about the strange object know as the “Black Knight Satellite”.

Part I: The discovery of the mysterious object known as the “Black Knight” dates back to 1950.

Black Knight Satellite
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The Black Knight satellite was first captured on camera by Nasa astronauts during a 1998 space shuttle mission. Seven days into the mission, two of the crewmen were installing thermal protection in the Space Station when one of them spotted the mysterious object floating from afar. The crew, while trying to figure out what the object was, immediately followed NASA’s UFO sighting protocol. They captured a few images to use as photographic evidence. As soon as the photos were transmitted back to Earth, it created a huge sensation among the UFO community.

Nikola Tesla first reported hearing sounds from space in 1899. He thought they were signals from intelligent life.

The Black Knight Satellite
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In 1899, Nikola Tesla, at his laboratory in Colorado Springs, picked up electromagnetic disturbances that was occurring within a radius of 1,100 miles. Tesla began picking up odd data on his instruments and was sure that it was some sort of signal. The signals appeared periodically and the order by which it came suggested that that they were not traceable to any cause then known to man.

“I was familiar… with such electrical disturbances as are produced by the sun, Aurora Borealis and earth currents, and I was as sure as I could be of any fact that these variations were due to none of these causes…”

In 1968, astronomers discovered that he did, indeed, hear radio signals, but they were from pulsars deep in space.

Part II: In 1954, several newspapers including the San Francisco Examiner and the St. Louis Post Dispatch published the opinions of a famous UFO researcher – Donald Edward Keyhoe.

The Black Knight newspaper story in St Louis Dispatch
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When the word got out about the mysterious object circling the Earth, The Russian’s accused the United States of space espionage and the U.S. suspected the same. But in reality, neither country at the time had any technology capable of launching and maintaining such an object in polar orbit. However, NASA as well as the U.S. government released a statement claiming the object was merely space debris floating within Earth’s proximity.

Former Marine Corps naval aviator and UFO researcher Donald Edward Keyhoe, from Iowa, was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. Keyhoe believed that extraterrestrials had already visited Earth. The author of several profound books stated that the U.S. Air Force had detected two satellites orbiting the Earth in 1954.

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