10 Awesome Facts That Prove Bear Grylls Is The Ultimate Badass

10 Awesome Facts That Prove Bear Grylls Is The Ultimate Badass

Bear Grylls, a British adventurer, writer and television presenter from Northern Ireland, won all our hearts through the famous show, Man vs Wild on the Discovery channel. Even though he was involved in numerous survival television series in the UK and US, most of us know him from Man vs Wild. Through the show, he has shown that the human body is capable of achieving anything with the right motivation. His survival tips have helped many to overcome difficult situations. Everyone’s favorite survival man is both awesome and insane in every way possible. We have watched him sleep inside camels and eat jungle critters but there is definitely a lot that we don’t know about his background. The survivalist TV show host has not only performed breathtaking stunts on his shows but he has also in fact, done several things for the well-being of others in real-life. Here are 10 fun facts about Bear Grylls that you might not know about.

1. Bear Grylls’ 7-year-old son saved the life of a young girl from drowning in a river in 2011.

Bear Grylls
Image Source: dailymail, evoke

As both mentally and physically strong, Bear Grylls trained all three of his sons to stand out from the rest. Grylls named his sons Marmaduke, Jesse and Huckleberry. When a young girl fell into a stream, Grylls was not there to rescue her. Instead, a mini “Bear” in the making had his instinct kick in. Jesse, who was seven years old at the time, jumped into the stream and rescued the young girl without any hesitation. According to Grylls,

‘And — I wasn’t there, you know, and the story grows and grows every time he tells me — but he did rescue her and he was proud as punch to have dragged her out.’

2. Bear Grylls was actually born Edward Michael Grylls.

Bear Grylls / Edward Michael Grylls
Image Source: Lwp Kommunikáció/flickr

Even though we may imagine him being raised by wolves in Eastern Siberia, he was not. Grylls was raised by an upper middle class politician father and a mother who went by the name “Lady Grylls”. He was born Edward Michael Grylls and the “Bear” part was not in the picture yet. When little Edward was just a week old, his sister nicknamed him “Bear”; which stuck and soon enough, everyone was calling him little “Bear”. His family also made sure that little “Bear” didn’t end up as a poet or lawyer. They enrolled him in Cub Scouts – which eventually paid off, when a young Bear Grylls entered the British Special Forces. From that moment onward, his career took off.

3. Bear Grylls served as a Reservist with the SAS for three years.

Bear Grylls
Image Source: Mpora/BearGrylls.com

The survival expert served as a trainer with the Special Air Service, which is a special forces unit of the British Army. Within the unit, Grylls learned several survival techniques. Upon completion of his training, Grylls considered joining the Indian Army. While the thought of joining the Indian Army was looming in his head, he hiked the Himalayan mountains of Sikkim and West Bengal. From 1994 to 1997, Grylls served as a trooper, survival instructor and Patrol Medic in the United Kingdom Special Forces Reserve. He was also heavily trained in unarmed combat, desert and winter warfare. Grylls was lucky enough to be trained in various other fields that helped improve his confidence.

4. He used his hard-earned name and fame to fundraise $2.5 million to help children in need.

Bear Grylls
Image Source: Lwp Kommunikáció/flickr

Bear Grylls is known for his amazing adventures. Through his show, he often revealed certain things that could potentially save our lives one day. Off-screen, Grylls has used his name and fame to lead record-breaking expeditions from Antarctica to the Arctic. Through his expeditions, he managed to raise over $2.5 million for children around the world.

5. As part of his show, Bear Grylls has consumed raw frozen yak eyeballs, camel intestine juice, raw goat testicles, live snakes, maggots as big as a hand (pulsating with yellow pus) and a giant live spider.

Bear Grylls eating snake
Image Source: Lwp Kommunikáció/flickr

The survivalist has eaten everything from insects to raw snake to the heart of a moose. In an interview with HuffPost Live, Grylls recalled the worst thing he has eaten while roughing it in the wild. According to the interview, he described a ‘Vomit-Testicle Cocktail’ to be the worst. Grylls has the delicacy on his show “Born Survivor” and this is what he had to say about it,

“That was bad. They were the biggest testicles I’d ever seen since I’d had a shower that morning,” Grylls laughed. Then the worst bit, it wasn’t the sperm, it was that I then vomited and then had to re-swallow the vomit and the testicle together. It was a vomit-testicle cocktail. It killed me.”

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