16 Times Adrenaline Turned People Into Superhumans To Perform Heroic Feats

16 Times Adrenaline Turned People Into Superhumans To Perform Heroic Feats

Humans are extraordinary living beings. Our body is capable of doing more than we can imagine. When we are subjected to fear or some form of emergency, our bodies can exhibit immense strength that we wouldn’t think a normal human being could perform. Superheroes aren’t just for comic books or movies, they exist in real-life too. Some of the people we have listing here are real-life heroes who performed superhuman feats all around the world. From immense strength to acts of courage, these people did what any kind hearted person would do. They let adrenaline take over and turn a bad situation to create a positive outcome. Here are 16 such stories of people who defied the laws of life and exhibited unreal characteristics.

16. A blind man lets adrenaline take over and rescues a blind woman from burning house.

Blind man lets adrenaline take over and rescues a blind woman.

In the U.S., at least seven people die every day due to house fires. The leading cause of these house fires are cooking equipment. Escaping from a house fire isn’t as easy as you think. Now, just imagine being blind and trying to escape the searing flames and smoke. Jim Sherman, 54, from Florida, was born blind. He lived next to Annie Smith, an 84 year old woman, who was also legally blind. They both shared a baby monitor through which they passed messages to each other. One day, Jim heard Smith say, “Jim, Jim, the house is on fire” through the monitor. His adrenaline rush made him jump to his feet and make his way to his desperate neighbor, with the help of a chain link fence. Jim somehow made his way inside, found Smith and dragged her out of the blazing house. The fact that it’s hard for blind people to maneuver through an unfamiliar surrounding makes his efforts even more amazing.

15. Skydiving instructors sacrifice their lives to save their students.

Skydiving instructors save their students

Skydiving is a dangerous sport. Though the sport gives an intense adrenaline rush throughout the body, a small mistake can easily cost you your life. That’s what happened with two instructors who selflessly gave up their lives to save the lives of two young women who they barely knew. Robert Cook and his student, Kimberley Dear, 21, were heading to the sky for Kimberley’s first jump. Just after take off, the plane suffered an engine failure and was losing altitude quickly. Noticing this, Cook advised Kimberley to sit on his lap, to which he harnessed them together and wrapped his body around hers. The plane hit a power pole and then crashed to the ground. Cook unfortunately lost his life but he absorbed the entire impact and saved Kimberley’s.

“He’s a hero. There’s no other way I can describe it,” Mr. Dear told the Nine Network’s Today show, from his daughter’s bedside.

Dave Hartsock, an instructor, was taking his student Shirley Dygert for her first skydive. Though the plane didn’t suffer any malfunctions, Dygert’s parachute surely did. After the two jumped and were in free fall, Hartstock noticed that Dygert’s parachute wasn’t releasing properly. With just a few seconds to spare, Hartstock wrapped himself around her and positioned her above him. The pair hit the ground with extreme force but luckily they both survived. Since Hartstock took the entire impact on himself, he suffered a shattered spine; which paralyzed body from the neck down.

14. 18 year old saves teetering truck driver.

18 year old saves truck driver
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In 2008, while sitting in his home in New Zealand, Peter Hanne heard a panicked knock at the door of his residence. The teen opened the door to which he saw an upset passerby. The individual described an accident that had occurred nearby and explained that the driver was in grave danger. The truck had lost control and was hanging over the cliff with the driver intact. The driver was too afraid to move, worrying that his movements could ultimately knock the truck off the cliff and cost him his life. Without thinking twice, Hanne rushed to the scene without even putting on shoes. When Hanne arrived at the scene, he could hear the truck making squeaking noises. Knowing that there wasn’t much time to spare, the teenager jumped into action. He climbed down the truck and managed to break the rear window, then help the driver out of the vehicle and up to safety. He was awarded the New Zealand Bravery Medal for his heroic act.

13. Desperate father fights off an alligator to save his son’s life.

Joe Welch
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When it comes to your children, nothing can stop you from giving your everything to keep them safe. That’s exactly what this father did. Joseph Welch, a man from Florida, saved his six year old son after the boy was bit in the arm by an alligator. The alligator clamped his jaws on the boys arm and refused to let go. Without considering his own safety, Welch ran towards his son and started punching the alligator. A few minutes later, a bystander assisted him by kicking the gator in the guts. Though the beast had a strong grip on the boy, the men’s technique paid off. The gator released the boy and slithered back into the water. Luckily, the gator only scraped the boy and didn’t cause much harm. Welch suffered a sprain in his hand from all the punches he had given.

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