8 Surprising And Bizarre Things That Were Found Aboard The Titanic - Mind Blowing Facts

8 Surprising And Bizarre Things That Were Found Aboard The Titanic

Tragedy struck the Titanic in the early morning of  April, 15 1912, when her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City ended after colliding with an iceberg. The tragedy claimed more than 1,500 lives, from the 2,224 passengers and crew aboard. It is still considered as one of the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters in modern history.

Even though the incident happened over 100 years ago, it has been the subject of numerous books, documentaries and even an Oscar award-winning movie. After crashing into the iceberg, the RMS Titanic sank down to the bottom of the ocean. Along with the lives lost that day, an array of strange and unusual items also disappeared with it. Here are 8 such things that were recovered from the Titanic.

1. Opium.

Wikimedia Commons

Around four cases of the highly addictive drug Opium was found aboard the Titanic. John Jacob Astor IV, whose fortune was made from opium sales, fur trade and real estate, was one of the passengers aboard the Titanic. Sadly, neither the Opium, nor Astor made it to the shore. Seven years prior to the Titanic tragedy, the congress passed a law in the U.S. that banned the use of Opium.

It was still a popular ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry and companies who used Opium were required to label it on the bottles. After the law was passed, it became hard to import Opium into the country, decreasing the sales and use.

2. Marmalade Machine.

Wikimedia Commons

Marmalade is a fruit preservative made from the juice and peel of citrus fruits, boiled with sugar and water. Used often on toast for breakfast, it can also be made from lemons, limes or other fruits. Some countries describe it as a jam containing fruit peel but some manufacturers also produce peel-free marmalade.

Back in the 1900’s, a lot of people used this device to slice the fruit accurately. The marmalade machine found in the Titanic belonged to 27-year-old Edwina “Winnie” Celia Troutt. Troutt survived the wreck and while on a hurry to save her life, she left it behind. Her love for the machine was so great that after reaching land, she filed an insurance claim to get another one.

3. Electric Baths.

Titanic Wiki

One of the most interesting things found aboard the Titanic was an electric bath. This bath emitted powerful UV rays and was a health craze back in the 1900’s. The device was designed and produced by the German firm of Heraeus.

It was so popular back in the days that one of these unique devices were found aboard the Titanic. The device was scheduled to be used by women in the mornings and the men were allowed to use it during the afternoons and evening hours. The privilege of using such an item came with a price. To be able to shoot their bodies with powerful UV rays, people were required to buy a ticket that cost $1 (equivalent to $25 today).

4. $2.4 Million Painting.

Wikimedia Commons

Aboard the Titanic were expensive items that were worth a fortune. But none were as expensive as an oil painting by French artist Merry-Joseph Blondel titled “La Circassienne au Bain“. The painting was owned by a Swedish businessmen named Mauritz Håkan Björnström-Steffansson. He survived the shipwreck and went on to file an insurance claim for the loss of his prized possession. The claim was for $100,000 (which is equivalent to over $2.4 million today).

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