These Are 15 Of The Strangest And Creepiest Things Ever Found Washed Up On The Beach - Mind Blowing Facts

These Are 15 Of The Strangest And Creepiest Things Ever Found Washed Up On The Beach

Almost 70% of our planet is covered by ocean and we have explored less than 5% of it. The human species knows more about space and the universe than we know of about the oceans in our planet. In fact, the lack of knowledge is what mesmerizes scientists when they stumble upon new and wondrous creatures in the ocean. Each day, more alien like creatures are washing ashore that we have no way of understanding. No matter what, we will never be able to understand our planet completely. Whether these creepy objects were man-made or was derived from the depths of our ocean, they still creep us out when we accidentally stumble upon them. Here are 15 of the strangest and the creepiest things ever found washed up on shore.

1. A Giant Monstrous Eyeball.

National Geographic

As if the ocean is not scary enough with sharks and jellyfishes, in 2012, a blue eyeball the size of a grapefruit washed up in Florida. The man who discovered it kicked it a few times before taking it home. He refrigerated the eyeball till someone from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) could retrieve and identify it. As word spread out about the discovery, rumors about the colossal sea monsters started spreading throughout the area.

Upon closer analysis, the FWC determined that it belonged to an Atlantic Ocean swordfish, which probably weighed around 1,000 pounds. The predatory fish is also known as broadbills and uses its “sword” to cut its prey into smaller sizes to be consumed.

2. The Montauk Monster.

National Geographic

In the summer of 2008, in New York, an unknown creature washed ashore on a beach near the business district. The creature attracted a lot of visitors and the beach was soon filled with curious people trying to get a glimpse of the monster. Rumors and pictures started circulating and the picture went viral on the internet.

Many theories ranging from raccoon to dog or large rodent were put forward to identify the mysterious creature. The theories came to a dead end as the skeletal structure was completely different than any of them. Soon after its discovery ashore, the carcass of the creature disappeared. Because of this, many have speculated that the creature had come from an experiment performed at the nearby Plum Island facility.

3. The Roch Ness Monster.

This terrifying creature washed up on the shores of Hollingworth Lake in Rochdale, England. Witnesses described it to be a little longer than five feet long with a mouth “bigger than a fist” and full of incredibly sharp teeth. A couple who were taking a walk on the beach were the first to stumble upon the creature which they assumed to be a crocodile. Some researchers have suggested that it could be an odd shaped pike, which happens to be bigger than its usual size.

4. Creepy Messages In Bottles.


We all love finding cool and forgotten stuff on the beach. Whether it be a message in a bottle, a treasure map or buried treasure, it was one of our favorite things in childhood. While taking a walk in Oceanside, California, a woman found a bottle filled with bright pink water inside. After emptying the bottle she found a rolled-up piece of paper tied with black ribbon. Upon opening it, she discovered a picture of a woman with several needles stuck in it. The happy woman posted her finding on reddit, where commenters pointed out that it could be some sort of hex or curse. Creepy!

5. Bombs On The Beach.


People often visit the beach to relax and enjoy the sound of waves. But a British family’s outing turned into a terrifying ordeal when what was thought to be a washed-up buoy turned out to be an active bomb. Unaware that the metal ball was a ticking bomb, the parents even snapped photos of their children as they were playing around it.

Upon taking a closer look, the Pembrey Country Park officials announced that the“buoy” discovered on the seashore was a United States military mine bomb. The Royal Navy moved it to a controlled environment and detonated the 70-year-old bomb.

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