14 Shocking and True Cases of Feral Children Raised by Animals Throughout History

11. Marina Chapman.


In 1954, after being kidnapped from her home village in Columbia, Marina was abandoned in the jungle. She was only five years old at the time. Even though she was unaware of how to survive by herself, she managed to live with a group of Capuchin monkeys.

For five years, Marina survived by following the monkeys around and eating the food that they dropped. Eventually she was rescued by hunters and was taken back to civilization. She now lives in England and is an author of the famous book “The Girl With No Name”. Through the book, she expresses her experience and life.

12. Wolf Children of WWII.

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World War II left behind a lot of orphans. In areas such as Poland and the Soviet Union, these orphans were known as “wolf children”. They wandered around through the forests in search of food and thus gained the name. As the Red Army was progressing, many of these children died of cold and starvation. Some were lucky enough to be adopted by people living in rural areas.

13. John of Liege.

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To escape the Civil war, John of Liège fled to the woods at the age of 5. He survived off of plants, roots and berries for sixteen years. At the age of 21, he returned to civilization and was caught stealing food from a farm.

14. Victor of Aveyron, France, 1797.


Victor was discovered in the woods in the early 1800’s. His body was covered with scars and he was incapable of communicating with anyone else. Till today, no one knows how he ended up in the woods or how he managed to survive by himself for that length of time.

Upon examining him closely, scientists then learned that he was able to survive in extreme cold conditions. Others around him tried their best to teach him how to behave normally but he wasn’t capable of picking it up. Victor died at the age of 40.

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