14 Shocking and True Cases of Feral Children Raised by Animals Throughout History

6. The Wild Girl of Champagne – Memmie Le Blanc.


Among feral children, the wild girl of Champagne case is a different one. Before she was abandoned, she had probably learned to speak. She was first spotted in the village of Songi, France. For over ten years, Memmie walked through the forests feeding on birds, frogs, fish, leaves, branches and roots. Her choice of weapon was a club, which she often used to scare off animals or hunt them.

After she was captured, she still fed on rabbits and roots she dug out with her thumbs. Her eye sight was phenomenally sharp and was capable of running fast enough to catch rabbits with her bare hands. While passing through Champagne in 1737, the Queen of Poland was fascinated by her and even took her hunting to see her skills.

7. John Ssebunya – The Monkey Boy.


After witnessing his father taking his mother’s life, John fled his home into the jungle. The fear of his father kept him there for three years. He was finally captured at the age of six and taken back to his village. Rescuers described that his body was completely covered in hair and he had a severe case of intestinal worms.

His appetite consisted of only roots and berries. With a bit of help, he was able to learn how to communicate with others. As his new life progressed, he found a passion for singing and is now famous. He sings for the Pearl of Africa children’s choir and tours the UK with his voice.

8. Wild Peter.

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Wild Peter was captured in 1724, near Helpensen in Hanover at the age of 12. At the time, he appeared brownish with black colored hair. He lived off of a diet mainly consisting of plants and walked on all four. He was incapable of communicating with anyone and refused any form of meal other than plants.

Eventually he learned to eat fruits and vegetables but his speech abilities never progressed. “Peter” and “King George” were the only words he learned throughout his life. He died at the age of 72.

9. The Fearless Bear Girl.


While on a hunting trip to Mt Olympus, Ali Osman along with his companion Bahri came across an enormous she-bear. They shot the bear and soon after, a howling wood-spirit attacked them. They were able to overpower the creature and realized that it was just a little girl. After securing her using their belts, they went to the bear’s lair where they found conclusive proof that a human had lived there.

She was taken back to civilization and eventually admitted to a lunatic asylum in Bursa, Turkey. Any kind of cooked meal was rejected by the child and she curled up in the corner of the room in the dark. Police conducted an investigation and found out that a two year old girl had disappeared from a nearby village fourteen years ago. They believe that she was adopted and raised by the bear.

10. Dina Sanichar.

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When hunters in the jungles of Bulandshahr saw a boy walking on all fours following a wolf into her den, they were astonished. They were confused and had a hard time determining if it was a human boy or a wolf. The six year old’s story is similar to that of Amala and Kamala’s.

The hunters smoked the wolves and his companions out of their den and captured the boy. He was taken to Agra to live a normal life but he never fully understood society. His diet consisted of raw meat and bones but they were successful enough to make him eat cooked food. Dina Sanichar died in 1895.

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